Here at Audio-Technica we wanted to simplify audio installations with a flexible solution for any type of scenario. So, we developed Audio-Technica LINK, a proprietary digital communication protocol. Here’s more about what it is and how you can use it.

How A-T LINK Helps Integrators and Users

The LINK protocol lets you transmit uncompressed multi-channel digital audio signals from A-T LINK-enabled devices to be individually assigned to the input channels of our Digital SmartMixers®

With this flexible solution, integrators and end users benefit from: 

●      Inherently Secure (Not a Network Protocol) 
●      Uncompressed multi-channel digital audio and control
●      Low latency
●      Efficient system audio routing and control within the ATDM Mixer Web Remote
●      Daisy-chaining capability that scales easily
●      Fewer audio cables

The daisy-chaining capability was the inspiration for the name “LINK.” Devices connect for easier installation, passing both audio and power through the connections. 

Link Extenders are used to provide power to devices downstream. How the Link Extenders are powered determines the number of downstream devices that can be powered. 

Although A-T LINK doesn’t work directly with non-Audio-Technica devices, you can use the ATDM-1012DAN as a bridge to a Dante Network for non-Audio-Technica devices. 


What Makes A-T LINK Different

LINK uses a proprietary digital audio protocol to transmit uncompressed multi-channel digital audio, as well as to control information with minimal latency. 

By transmitting uncompressed audio, A-T LINK is valuable in helping preserve sound quality. Sam Intihar, Audio-Technica Product Manager, explained, “Compressed audio, as it goes through different levels of signal processing, can become flat or lifeless. So, the less we do to it–the less we touch it or affect it–it leaves the more natural audio. It helps us deliver more clean, seamless audio rather than something that's colored.” 

One of the biggest benefits of Audio-Technica LINK is that it provides power to Audio-Technica LINK-enabled devices. This eliminates the need for a power cable or a standard power over Ethernet switch to power individual devices. 

A-T LINK not only simplifies system setup and device implementation, but the single-manufacturer solution means it’s easier to support. The user just has to call Audio-Technica for any issues. 

Jim Lappin, Audio-Technica Senior Product Manager, said, “When you're dealing with one manufacturer's platform, you're pretty much assured that the devices will play nicely with one another.”

You can access and conveniently control SmartMixer presets and audio adjustments via Web Remote. There’s not a steep learning curve because you simply open Web Remote and route your channels.

Discover More Flexible Audio Routing and Control

The flexibility and scalability of A-T LINK make it ideal for any audio installation, no matter the size or use case. A-T LINK isn’t that different from other audio over internet protocols (AoIP) in some ways, but its differences help simplify a lot of projects. 

A-T LINK was created in 2016 as part of a digital wired conference system platform, and we continue to develop the protocol to make professional audio projects easier to integrate and manage. 

Learn more about A-T LINK.

Questions about using Audio-Technica LINK in your commercial applications? Please contact us.