Can you share your story of how you first got into DJing and what inspired you to pursue it as a passion?

In my journey as a DJ, the African proverb "it takes a village to raise a child" rings true. The art of DJing has always fascinated me, I believe it goes beyond simply selecting and playing music—it's about a passion for the music and the culture it represents.

My connection with music began early in life, surrounded by hymns in church and attending events and gigs in Lagos, Nigeria. I’ve also been inspired by watching other Djs who have been ahead of me in the industry. 

The DJing chapter of my story unfolded around June 2021, sparked by a conversation with a fellow DJ. Since then, I've immersed myself in crafting mixes that tell stories, drawing from diverse sounds to evoke emotions for both me and my audience. DJing, for me, transcends playing music; it's about creating an experience, a journey through the varied sounds that resonate with the audience. 

I go by DamztheDj when Djing and Dami on radio and podcast. I just thought Damz was cool enough for my DJ stage name.


How has your Nigerian background influenced your musical style and content on your radio show?

I always joke that my superpower is rooted in my Nigerian background. It's not just a joke, though; it's a genuine influence on my DJing style and how I curate content for my radio show.

 My Nigerian roots are a perpetual well of inspiration for me. On the radio, I take a deep dive into the diverse world of African music—exploring tunes inspired by local Australian and NZ artists with African backgrounds, as well as the rich sounds emanating straight from the continent itself. You name it, I'm digging it up—Afrobeats, Afrobeat, Highlife, Juju, Fuji, Apala, Dancehall, and every other vibe from Africa. I even sprinkle in some throwbacks of those tunes that coloured my growing-up years.

 DJing naturally follows suit; I'm all about playing every genre. Plus, being half Lagosian speaks volumes about my love for music and entertainment—it's in my DNA.


How has the use of Audio-Technica gear specifically enhanced and shaped your sound as a DJ, and are there particular A-T Products that are essential to your set-up?

My journey into DJing kicked off with the Audio-Technica ATH-M20X monitor headphones—the first pair I snagged when I was just starting out. I remember walking into the store and asking for ‘something good on a budget’. These babies turned out to be not just affordable but also incredibly durable—I'm still rocking them to this day.

In fact, my trusty ATH-M20X even joined me on a trip to Canada for a gig at the end of 2022. Used them on the plane for some on-the-go music vibes, and of course, they were right there with me when I hit the decks at the event.

ATH-M20x Professional Monitor Headphones


Can you tell us about your favourite moments or experiences while using Audio-Technica gear in your DJ journey?

When I wear my hair in an afro and prefer not to have headphones over my head, the swiveling ear cups become quite useful. I can swing them in any direction, and they work perfectly.

Moreover, the headphones are portable and easy to carry to gigs, relieving me of concerns about additional weight on my back.

The closed backs also offer a very natural sound, ideal for mixing.

The single-side cable exit and the lengthy cable add to the convenience, allowing me to dance and move around the booth without restricting myself to a fixed space.


How do you balance your roles of a DJ, radio and podcast host, all while studying for a PHD?

Exciting news—I've successfully completed my PhD, so feel free to refer to me as a DJ with a PhD. Let's go with the title PhDJ, shall we? It wasn't a straightforward journey; Djing and Podcasting became my refuge from the isolating and lengthy hours of research and thesis writing—a source of anticipation beyond the academic realm. I had my co-hosts on Yarns and Vibes podcast there to be to support me on days we had to record long hours of episodes.

Many find it hard to believe how I manage Podcasting, Djing, and, of course, my academic pursuits. It all comes back to the support system I'm fortunate to have—a 'village' comprising family, friends, and those who appreciate my creative endeavours. Whether it's booking me for gigs or sharing my content online, their encouragement keeps me going. Most significantly, my faith as a Christian serves as the foundation for everything I've accomplished and will continue to pursue! 


How do you envision inspiring others in the audio and music community, particularly those who may be considering a similar path in self-discovery and passion pursuit?

I’ll just say...Hey, here's the real deal—figure out your "why" first, and then dive right in. Sure, there'll be those days when you're feeling a bit down, and that pesky Imposter Syndrome might try to sneak in. Just remember, it's all part of the journey. Most crucially, make sure to enjoy every step of the way.


What are you up too next?

Got plenty in the pipeline! Keep your eyes peeled because there's a 2.0 and a bunch of other versions of me coming soon. 

Stay tuned!