The demand for adaptable and efficient audio solutions is at an all-time high as modern offices change shape into adaptable spaces designed for collaboration, including remote and hybrid team members. Huddle rooms pop up overnight, furniture gets rearranged on the fly, and teams gather in ever-shifting configurations. But with this new transformation comes a crucial challenge: ensuring seamless, high-quality audio across evolving layouts in an ever-changing environment.

Rising Above the Challenge: The Superiority of Beamforming Ceiling Array Microphones

The concept of beamforming microphones is not new, but its application in ceiling microphones for conference rooms is a game-changer. At its core, beamforming technology involves using multiple microphones to pick up sound from a specific direction while suppressing noise from others. This technology is especially effective when combined with automatic beamforming tracking, which ensures that the microphone array adapts to different room layouts and speaker positions without manual intervention. 
Traditional microphones, such as tabletop, lavalier, and handheld models, come with their own set of challenges. Tabletop microphones are limited by their fixed placement, often failing to capture sound effectively in rooms and spaces that frequently change configuration. Lavalier microphones require constant management and can be seen as intrusive or inconvenient by users. Handheld microphones, dependent on human interaction and battery life, introduce the risk of human error—such as forgetting to recharge, which can disrupt important meetings. 

ATND1061DAN installed 

Beamforming ceiling array microphones, however, transcend these limitations. They are easily installed in the ceiling, providing unobtrusive, high-quality audio capture across the entire room. This setup eliminates the potential for human error related to microphone handling and maintenance, ensuring high-quality audio quality at all times, regardless of the room's configuration.

Audio-Technica's ATND1061DAN: A Beamforming Powerhouse

The Audio-Technica ATND1061DAN is a shining example of cutting-edge beamforming technology. This premium microphone boasts:

  • Quality you can hear - and touch: The ATND1061DAN includes Audio-Technica's proprietary voice activity detection (VAD) technology that enables the microphone to discern between a voice and unwanted noise, such as paper shuffling or air-handling systems. This is a solid, well-made microphone, with a lot of audio processing power packed under the hood. 
  • Small footprint - big impact: Powerful processing capabilities, 6 outputs, and 32 pickup zones into a small form factor that provides flexibility to cover a wide variety of room sizes and meeting types. It can be used singly or in multiples (for larger meeting spaces).
  • Simple to install - easy to use: No matter the size of your space, it’s the right fit anywhere you need user-friendly simplicity and reliable, high-quality sound. The ATND1061DAN can be mounted three ways: Flush mount, Surface mount, and VESA mount.
  • Certified for seamless collaboration: Certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms as a part of a Q-SYS system, it integrates with existing conference room systems.

The ATND1061DAN is a perfect fit for mid-market to enterprise-sized companies with demanding audio needs and adaptable workspaces.

Investing in the Future of Corporate Audio

Beamforming ceiling microphones are an investment in clear communication, streamlined collaboration, and enhanced productivity. In the new modern workspaces, anything less could hold you back. 
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