In our #FanPhotoFriday series, we share the top photos featuring our gear that were recently shared on social media by you, our fans! In our first volume of 2024, check out our favorite photos – headphone edition: 


Sarah Haywood is the vibe we’re striving for – getting lost in the rhythm and spending the weekend jamming. Thanks for sharing our ATH-M50x headphones!



Linkin Park cover + the ATH-M50x over-ear, studio headphones = the ideal jamming session. Thanks for sharing, @Dakota_Butler.


The perfect partner to amplify your music success, studio tracking, and mixing experience – the ATH-M30x. Thanks for sharing, @jmelee!


A studio staple – the ATH-M50x headphones. Thanks @iamkevo_, for choosing A-T for your sessions!


@thisisemia keeping the vibes going with the ATH-M30x, wired headphones! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you to all our dedicated followers for sharing pictures of your A-T gear! We can’t wait to see the content you will share the rest of the year. Want to be featured in our #FanPhotoFriday series? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Snap a photo of your A-T gear - at home, in the studio, on the go, wherever you rock your A-T gear!
  2. Upload your image to Instagram and tag @AudioTechnicaUSA in the photo and use the hashtag #AudioTechnica
  3. That’s all it takes! If we select your photo, you will receive a notification when we tag you in the caption. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Threads, so you don’t miss it!

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