Fridays may mark the end of the workweek but, even better than that, it marks A-T’s Fan Photo Friday series! Each week, we show off one of our fans’ pictures of their A-T turntables, headphones, or microphones on our Instagram.

Although 2020 was different compared to years prior, A-T fans kept their spirits high and continued to show their love for their favorite audio gear! We saw everything from fans rocking out with their headphones and mics, playing the classics on their turntable, and gamers “Hearing The Win” with our gaming headsets. Before we review the top pics from 2020, check out the top photos from previous roundups:

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A-T fans loved Instagram user @sergiojsigala’s out-of-the-box ATH-M50x headphones.

Instagram user and Iron Maiden’s sound engineer @foh_engineer_pooch was lucky enough to get his hands on our limited-edition ATH-M50xPB purple headphones and add some color to his workspace.

The ATH-M50x headphones are also great for the home studio, just ask A-T fans @antonio.gabor and @pareshzmusic!

If you’re looking to add a mic to your home studio, Instagram user @f2t2_productions picked our AT2020 microphone, which has great sound quality and durability!

Thank you once again to our dedicated fans for continuing to share photos of their A-T gear no matter what the year brought!

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