In part 2 of our series of interviews with professional gamers, we sat down with popular Twitch streamer JoshOG. If you missed our interview with GoldGlove you can check it out here.Twitch Streamer JoshOG After spending time working as a paramedic, Josh decided to turn his passion for gaming into a full-time career and made the leap to professional streaming. Read on as he discusses what he enjoys most about live streaming and explains why he’s a member of the PC Master Race. Audio-Technica: Josh, you previously worked as a paramedic. What led you to the drastically different world of professional streaming?­ JoshOG: While I was a paramedic, I saw some pretty traumatizing things. When I would get home after a long shift, I'd head over to Twitch to escape from it all. After watching a number of professional streamers, seeing how much fun they were having and how engaged they were with their communities, I decided to quit my job as a paramedic, and pursue my love for gaming on a more professional level. A-T: When did you decide to finally pursue live streaming full time? JoshOG: As I started to stream more consistently, I realized just how much I loved to share my game play and interact with my community. Once I started seeing how many people enjoyed hanging out with me, it was a no-brainer. A-T: Let’s go back to where it all began. What’s the first video game you ever played? JoshOG: Oh man, that's a tough one! If I remember correctly, I think the first game I ever played was Pokemon Yellow. Pikachu was my homie! A-T: Now that’s a classic! Talk to us a bit about a day in the life of a professional streamer. JoshOG: Honestly, people seem to think that streaming is as simple as turning on your computer or console, starting a game, and then pressing a button to go live. It really does take a lot more time than that, so for me right now, my day pretty much consists of waking up, preparing for my stream, streaming, ending the stream, thinking about what I'll do tomorrow, sleep, and then do it all over again! I love it though! A-T: What’s your all-time favorite video game? JoshOG: Favorite game of all-time would have to be Ratchet & Clank. I loved how the developers put a lot of hidden stuff in the game. Always thought that was really awesome. A-T: What do you enjoy most about live streaming? JoshOG: That one’s easy. The insane amount of support and good vibes my community provides every day. It's super humbling and motivating! A-T: Tell us about your gaming setup; what are your streaming essentials? JoshOG: My gaming setup is pretty straightforward. I have my custom PC, three monitors, gaming keyboard and mouse, couple consoles, and of course my Audio-Technica gaming headset. At the end of the day, all you really need is a computer/console, monitors, and the rest you can upgrade into over time. A-T: Are there any streamers you enjoy watching in your downtime? JoshOG: Right now I watch a lot of Trihex & Witwix in my downtime. Mario Maker is one of my favorite games to stream, so watching dudes with mad skills is inspiring! A-T: You’ve built up a massive following on Twitch. Have you had any interesting fan encounters? JoshOG: Nothing too crazy has happened at events. Like I said, our community is chill and down to earth. If I had to choose something, I'd say that the thing I love getting at events is fan art. I have been given all sorts of things, from paintings to clothes. A-T: Can you give some advice to anyone looking to become a professional streamer? JoshOG: The single greatest piece of advice I can give to anyone that wants to become a professional streamer, is to do it because you love it! Don't get into it because you want to be famous or make a ton of money. Do it because you love playing games, entertaining people, and interacting with the community. A-T: Let’s wrap things up with the most important question… PlayStation, XBOX or PC and why? JoshOG: #PCmasterrace! There's just so much you can do on the PC, so I find myself playing more games on it than my consoles right now. Thanks to Josh for taking the time to answer our questions. You can catch his daily streams on Twitch and chat with him on Twitter.