Technology in today’s workspaces, classrooms, shops, and restaurants, need to work with a host of other solutions. For example, a meeting room’s conferencing system must cooperate with the space’s microphones, cameras, displays, loudspeakers, computers, control devices, and more.

At Audio-Technica, we actively work with other manufacturers who have complementary products to ensure integrators can easily get all pieces of their systems to work together.


Why Audio-Technica prioritizes industry partnerships

Brand partnerships help manufacturers better understand how their solutions are being used and how they can work with other products. Audio-Technica and our partners use these experiences to collaborate on creating better user experiences. 
Matt Markgraf, Strategic Partnerships & Alliance Manager at Audio-Technica, explains that creating a product like a microphone requires developers to also consider the other devices that may be used with it. 

“These things all need to speak the same language or at least translate or be compatible in some form or fashion,” Markgraf says. “So we're not just making a microphone, we're making a piece of an interoperable solution. It's important to not only understand the current situation but to also try to understand the future of these products as well as we try to innovate Audio-Technica's product line.”

Partnerships also help companies see more of the big picture when it comes to emerging technologies and the future of workspaces. 


“An important role for us as manufacturers is to listen to the integrators,
the sellers, the end users, and the voice on the ground.” 

Matt Markgraf
Strategic Partnerships & Alliance Manager


Partnerships solve common integration challenges

Audiovisual (AV) solutions in commercial spaces can be complex. The more intricate the installation, the more integration snags you may encounter. Brand partnerships help determine ways integrators can avoid or overcome obstacles. 

Markgraf describes AV integration like an orchestra performing a piece of music. It requires cooperation, as well as consistency and reliability among the players. The result is better interoperability through the creation and refinement of plugins, connections, and device management software.

“Working with others gives us a unique exposure to applications, and understanding the products and roadmaps of our partners will keep us innovating,” explains Markgraf.



How brand partnerships benefit customers

Audio-Technica’s brand partnerships are good for both integrators and end users. Manufacturer relationships help design controls and interoperable features that simplify work for integrators. Better integration also helps end users because interoperable tools make for a better user experience. 

Our partnerships involve testing for compatibility and ease of integration. Brands may decide to demonstrate interoperability in the form of certifications or stamps of approval. Certifying products lets customers know we’ve tested and support the integration. 

Brand cooperation allows both companies to provide better support. Audio-Technica prioritizes customer support because a product only has value when you can use it. 

Creating exceptional commercial audio

It’s important for partners to be on the same level when it comes to credibility and quality. Audio-Technica has partnered with well-known, reliable brands like Crestron, Extron, and Q-SYS, to create better user experiences. Each one offers expertise in their area, supporting Audio-Technica’s mission to provide exceptional audio experiences. 

By working together, manufacturers not only solve issues but work toward developing new functionalities. Our brand partnerships help us create better audio products and help all partners improve the entire ecosystem of solutions. 

Our partnerships are good for Audio-Technica, our partner brands, our users, as well as industry innovation. As a trusted consumer brand, our partnerships have also demonstrated our reliability and interoperability in commercial spaces.  Learn more about our Strategic Partnerships.

At Audio-Technica, we develop audio solutions for every commercial application. If you’re interested in learning more about our portfolio of products, start your journey here.