Audio-Technica roared into this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 13-17), excited to showcase our partnerships with some of the biggest names in motorsports – and the A-T broadcast audio products that bring the races to life for the home viewer.


As the official Broadcast Partner of MotoAmerica and Microphone Services Solution Provider to MotoGP, Audio-Technica has demonstrated the quality and consistency of sound achieved by implementing A-T products throughout the entire broadcast setup, miking everything from ambient sounds and effects to pit crew interaction and announcer commentary.

 demonstrated the quality and consistency of sound

Stations were set up within Audio-Technica’s NAB booth to highlight the various tools used to bring that signature A-T sound to multichannel sports broadcasts. A favorite with many visitors was the interactive station featuring the BPHS2C headset. While watching recorded race video and listening to the full stereo effects channel through the headset, visitors were encouraged to supply their own commentary for a true in-the-booth experience. Created especially for news and sports broadcasting, the rugged BPHS2C stereo headset offers clear, articulate vocal reproduction, along with a comfortable fit and excellent sound isolation. 


Another popular station was built around the BP3600 immersive audio microphone, where we invited sports fans to “see what you’ve been hearing.” The state-of-the-art BP3600 deploys quickly and easily at sporting events to capture stable, three-dimensional sound beds that allow home viewers to feel like they’re there amidst the action. 

stations introduced visitors to our ATH-M50x and ATH-M40x headphones

Additional stations introduced visitors to our collection of shotgun mics, including the BP28 and BP4029, that are used to pick up detailed audio from the motorbikes as they scream around the track, as well the ATH-M50x and ATH-M40x monitor headphones, 3000 Series wireless body-pack transmitter and accompanying BP898cH lavalier cardioid condenser, and other tools that are so critical to each race production. We even had a special display of BellissiMoto gear – race suit, gloves, helmet – worn by riders, giving show attendees the full flavor of professional motorcycle racing!