What better way to honor National Retro Day than with the nostalgia of the Audio-Technica Sound Burger? Talk a walk back in time with us as we dive into the iconic history behind this legacy product.


The Original Sound Burger

Jumping back to 1983, the original Sound Burger, or known in the U.S. as Master Disc, was officially released. The Sound Burger made history as it was a breakthrough in vinyl history, allowing analog lovers to enjoy music on the go. Back then, the Sound Burger was powered by batteries and included a pair of foldable headphones. With these features, it was no wonder it became an instant cult classic.


The Return of the an Icon

The legendary Sound Burger made its official return in 2022, commemorating Audio-Technica’s 60th Anniversary. The response of the return of the classic Sound Burger was overwhelming – selling out in just a matter of days worldwide.


Red Sound Burger


As part of the 60th anniversary lineup, the AT-SB2022 stayed true to its original version, available in a retro red, black, yellow, and white and included a unique one-of-a-kind serial number. However, it was the modern updates like Bluetooth® connectivity and the impressive battery life that really propelled the Sound Burger to new heights.


Back by Popular Demand

Yellow Sound Burger

In 2023, Audio-Technica surprised fans and vinyl lovers by announcing the Sound Burger would be joining the turntable line-up – permanently. Like the AT-SB2022, vinyl and retro enthusiasts can enjoy enhanced features of the AT-SB727, available in black, yellow, and white. This fan-favorite portable turntable:

  • Plays 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM records
  • Spins records up to 12 hours on a full charge
  • Bluetooth® connectivity with the option of an audio cable for an analog, wired listening experience
  • Uses a high-precision DC motor that maintains stable rotation
  • Replaceable ATN3600L stylus