Over the past few years we’ve been really blown away by the amazing photos and videos all of you A-T fans have shared with us. Whether you’re in the studio, at school, on a production shoot or at home, your images have been incredible. We wanted to do something fun with your creations, so we carved out a space on our Instagram account where we share your photos each week. We dubbed it #FanPhotoFriday. After all, there’s no better way for us to start the weekend than by sharing how you have made A-T a part of your life. Audio-Technica Fan Photo Friday Our #FanPhotoFriday has been so successful each week that we wanted to give a second shout-out to some of our favorites over the past few years. Here we give you the some of the best of our #FanPhotoFriday series. We hope that some of these photos inspire you to continue to follow your passions: The ATH-MSR7 Hi-Res Headphones resting beautifully on a headphone stand, captured by photographer Omar from Texas:  

Radio journalism student Dee snapped this photo of the ATH-M70x Studio Headphones flexing its muscle in, well, the studio:

The ATH-M50x showing its stuff as the international travel companion of Sonny from Florida:

The ATH-M50x proves that the saying "never too much of a good thing" is indeed true in this pic snapped by Instagram user @sky.seer:

#FanPhotoFriday: The Audio-Technica Tower. Shoutout to @sky.seer for the original upload! #latergram #regram #FPF A photo posted by Audio-Technica USA (@audiotechnicausa) on

 Even those on the Dark Side can see the light when it comes to the ATH-M50x, taken by Stefni:

Coffee? Check. ATH-MSR7? Check. This looks like a great morning routine. Dreni captured this moment of bliss:  
#FanPhotoFriday: ATH-MSR7 + Coffee = A great Friday! #Regram #Latergram #MSR7 #Repost @_anikii_ with @repostapp. A photo posted by Audio-Technica USA (@audiotechnicausa) on
The legendary AT5040 and ATH-M50x make an unstoppable duo in the studio. Instagram user @feelhood shared this epic studio setup with us:  
A photo posted by Audio-Technica USA (@audiotechnicausa) on
There's no better way to start your weekend than by spinning some tracks on an A-T turntable. Javier from the Bay Area dropped the needle for this snapshot:  
Now that you've seen what #FanPhotoFriday is all about, are you ready to get in on the action? Here's what you need to do for the chance to have your photo featured:
  1. Snag a great pic of your A-T gear. In the studio, on the road or even on your cat’s head – show us how you use or display your favorite A-T gear.
  1. Upload your pic to Instagram and use the hashtag #audiotechnicausa. We are constantly scanning the the space for those hashtags looking for our next photo to share.
  1. That's it! If your photo has been chosen, you'll get a notification when we repost your photo on Instagram and tag your username!
We love our fans, and we love that so many of you love to share Audio-Technica with the world. We look forward to seeing your photo submissions each week!