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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Change the ATN3600L Stylus on the AT-SB727 Portable Turntable?

Question: How do I change the ATN3600L stylus on the AT-SB727 portable turntable?

Answer: As a rule of thumb, the stylus on the AT-SB727 should be replaced after 400 hours of use to ensure high-quality sound and prevent damage to records. Follow the instructions below to replace the ATN3600L stylus.

  1. While holding the tonearm and headshell with one hand, rotate the front of the old stylus in a forward and down motion. It will come free at the front first – like a jaw opening – allowing the rear to be disconnected by gently moving it forward.

    Hand holding the tonearm and headshell with one hand

  2. To attach the new stylus, insert the tab at the rear of the stylus assembly into the cartridge body, creating a hinge. Then lift the stylus into place (like a jaw closing).

    Stylus attachment

  3. Push backward and upward until you hear a click.

    Stylus attached

  4. Make certain there is not a gap between the headshell and the stylus.

    Proper Attachment of Stylus

If you have any questions about changing the stylus on your AT-SB727, please contact the Audio Solutions Department.