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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Change the Audio Limiter Setting on the 3000 Series IEM System?

Question: How do I change the audio limiter setting on the 3000 Series IEM system?

Answer: The Audio-Technica 3000 Series IEM has a built-in limiter feature that is used to protect your ears from loud signals. A threshold may be set on the audio limiter, establishing a maximum level that is allowed out of the system. Prolonged exposure to excessive volumes can cause permanent hearing damage (refer to page 6 of the 3000 Series IEM manual for guidelines on how long various sound pressure levels can be tolerated before hearing loss occurs). Additionally, short bursts of white noise can be passed if the RF signal is dropped from the transmitter. So it’s very important to always have the system’s audio limiter setting engaged.

In this article we’ll show you how to adjust the audio limiter setting. Please also see our previous posts on coordinating frequencies for the 3000 Series IEM to avoid intermodulation distortion, and using RF combiners and remote antennas with the 3000 Series IEM to avoid RF signal loss.

There are six step settings for the audio limiter, ranging from -30 dB to OFF (0 dB) in 6 dB increments. For your protection, the factory default setting for the 3000 Series IEM limiter is the highest: -30 dB. However, depending on how your gain structure is set up, you may achieve better audio quality with a lower setting. The limiter setting can be lowered if the audio sounds overly compressed or if you’re not getting a high enough output level from the system.

*It is not recommended to turn the limiter to the OFF setting for standard use.

To change the audio limiter setting on your 3000 Series IEM system:

  • With the body-pack receiver powered on, turn the volume down with the rotary ON/OFF volume knob to prevent any loud signals coming through while changing the settings.
  • Access the button controls by opening the battery cover.
  • Press the SET button.
  • Press the UP button twice (x2) to display AUDIO. Press the SET button.
  • Press the UP button once (x1) to display LIMITER. Press the SET button.
  • Use the UP or DOWN buttons to change to the desired limiter setting. Press SET to store the selection.
  • Press the BACK button to return to the previous menu, or press and hold the BACK button to return to the home display.

If you have further questions on setting up your audio limiter for the 3000 Series IEM system, please contact the Audio Solutions Department.