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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Set Up the AT-SB727 Sound Burger?

Black, White, and Yellow Sound Burger

Question: How do I set up the AT-SB727 Sound Burger?

Answer: Some 40 years after its original debut, the fan-favorite Sound Burger has made a welcome return to Audio-Technica’s regular lineup! The AT-SB727 portable turntable brings back the classic, lightweight design of the 1980s model, with modern updates like Bluetooth® connectivity and a USB-C charging cable, making it perfect for parties, picnics, or compact living spaces.


Proper setup of the AT-SB727 turntable will ensure that it will perform at its full potential. Please follow the steps below.

Carefully remove the turntable from the package and verify that all parts and accessories are present. You should have the following items:

  • AT-SB727 main unit
  • USB charging cable
  • RCA audio cable
  • 45 RPM adapter

Removing the tonearm fixing screw

The product includes a screw for fixing the tonearm that needs to be removed before using the product. Safely store the removed screw and reinstall it when transporting the product.

Tonearm screw for Sound Burger

Setting up the turntable

  • Position the product on a level surface. Do not attempt to use it in a vertical position.
  • To avoid the effects of vibrations and acoustic pressure, do not mount the product next to such items as speakers.
  • The product may pick up radio static if placed next to a radio. Therefore, try to keep the product away from radios.
  • If the product is near equipment (mobile phone, etc.) that emits strong radio waves, noise may occur.
  • Fully charge the battery when using for the first time by connecting the provided USB cable to the unit and to a commercially available standard USB power adapter (not included) that plugs into an outlet.

Setting up the Sound Burger

Bluetooth connections

This product supports Bluetooth connections and can be connected with Bluetooth-supporting devices such as headphones and speakers.

To connect the product to a Bluetooth device, the product needs to pair (register) with the device. Once they are paired, you do not need to pair them again. However, you will need to pair again in the following cases:

  • If the product is deleted from the Bluetooth device’s connection history.
  • If the product is sent out for repair.
  • If the product’s pairing history is reset.
  • If 9 or more devices are paired. – The product can be paired with up to 8 devices. When you pair with a new device after pairing with 8 devices, pairing information for the device with the oldest connection date will be overwritten by the information for the new device.

Pairing a Bluetooth device

Before pairing it may be necessary to read the user manual for your Bluetooth device.

  • Place the Bluetooth device within 1 m (3.3') of the product to perform pairing correctly.
  • Disconnect the RCA audio cable (the wired connection will override the Bluetooth connection).
  • Turn on the product.
  • Press and hold the product’s wireless function button (for about 2 seconds).
  • The product will start searching for devices and the power supply indicator lamp will start flashing quickly in white.
  • Set the Bluetooth device to the pairing mode.
  • Once paired, the power supply indicator lamp will change to slowly flashing in white.

The product’s pairing mode will automatically end after about 60 seconds. If pairing cannot be completed normally, try pairing again using the same procedure.

Wired connections

You may wish to use a wired connection with the supplied RCA audio cable connecting your AT-SB727 to your speakers. The Sound Burger outputs at line level so it doesn’t require an external phono stage. Do not connect it to a phono input on a stereo amplifier.

Connect the RCA audio cable (red is the right channel, white is the left) to the input jacks of the connectable equipment you are using (amplifier, receiver, active speakers, sound card, etc.).

  • If you are using powered speakers, the RCA cable should be connected directly into them.

Wired RCA Connection to Sound Burger

  • If connecting to passive speakers, then a separate amplifier is required. Connect the RCA cable to a line level input, such as Aux, CD, Tuner, etc.

Wired RCA Connection to Sound Burger

When using a wired connection, use the volume controls on your amplifier/speakers.

Moving the AT-SB727

Please note that the turntable cannot be moved while in use. Before moving, remove the record and store the tonearm and 45 RPM adapter. Always make sure to hold the carrying handle firmly and do not swing the turntable. Install the tonearm fixing screw when transporting.

If you have further questions about this product or any Audio-Technica product, please contact the Audio Solutions Department for additional assistance.