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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Set Up the AT-SP65XBT Wireless Speaker?

Question: How do I set up the AT-SP65XBT wireless speaker?

Answer: This portable Bluetooth wireless speaker makes it easy to enjoy high-quality music playback – or set up a speakerphone – wherever you are. The AT-SP65XBT is a marvelous match for any of our Bluetooth turntables. Setup is simple.

Setup (Bluetooth)

  1. Fully charge the battery when using for the first time.
  2. Place the Bluetooth device and the speaker within 1 m (3.3') of each other to perform pairing correctly.
  3. Starting with the speaker turned off, press and hold the power supply button (about 3 seconds).

    • The voice guidance plays the message "Power on" and "Bluetooth mode."
    • The status indicator lamp flashes in blue while searching for a Bluetooth device to pair with.

  1. Use your Bluetooth device to begin the pairing process and search for the product. When your Bluetooth device finds the speaker, “AT-SP65XBT” will be displayed on the device. (Please note that on our turntables there is no screen to choose the speaker. They will pair without intervention.)

  • For information about using your Bluetooth device, refer to the device’s user manual.

  1. Select “AT-SP65XBT” to pair the product and your Bluetooth device.

    • Some devices may ask for a passkey. In this case, enter “0000.” The passkey may also be called a passcode, PIN code, PIN number, or password.
    • The voice guidance plays the message "Bluetooth connected" and the status indicator lamp lights in blue.

Setup (Wired)

  1. Use the provided audio cable with 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo mini-plugs to connect the product by wired connection to an audio device (computer, TV, turntable, etc.).
  2. When the audio cable is connected, the voice guidance plays the message "Player mode" and the wired connection takes priority, ending the Bluetooth connection. Disconnecting the audio cable restores the Bluetooth connection.

Note: The built-in microphone cannot be used for phones calls in wired mode.

For complete instructions on setting up and using the speaker please see the user manual. If you have further questions about this product or any Audio-Technica product, please contact the Audio Solutions Department for additional assistance.