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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Would I Use the ATM350PL Piano Mounting System?

Question: How would I use the ATM350PL Piano Mounting System?

Answer: Last week we looked at the versatility of the ATM350U and ATM350UL microphone systems, which both include the AT8491U universal clip-on mount. This week, we’ll look at the new AT8491P magnetic piano mount, which along with the ATM350a cardioid condenser instrument mic and the AT8490L 9” gooseneck, is included in the ATM350PL microphone system.

Pianos have a pretty wide frequency range and there are a lot of different techniques for miking a piano to capture the fullest tone. For live applications especially, getting the right microphone placement may be difficult, and because of this audio engineers often use two microphones inside of the piano. Some use boundary microphones, while some fabricate mounting apparatuses to hold the microphones in place above the strings inside the piano. The ATM350PL microphone system meets the need for mounting a low-profile, high-fidelity microphone inside of a piano. All pianos, from nine-foot grand pianos to smaller spinet or console pianos, have a cast iron frame that holds the strings. The ATM350PL’s magnetic mount has a felt backing, allowing it to easily latch onto this cast iron frame while preventing damage to the instrument.

The included 9" long gooseneck enables precise placement of the microphone element. As you know, with any microphone the slightest adjustment of its position can affect the tonality of the sound it picks up. Placement closer to the piano hammers will give more “attack” while placement further away will “mellow” the tone. Using two of the ATM350PL microphone systems inside of the piano allows the user to pick up the higher frequencies with one microphone and the lower frequencies with another. Keep proper phase alignment in mind and apply the 3:1 Rule when using two microphones.

Being a magnet-based mount, you may have concerns about it slipping. But as with all of the new ATM350a microphone systems, the ATM350PL has been heavily road-tested to ensure secure placement, excellent sound reproduction, and product versatility.

If you have any further questions about the piano mount or other ATM350a microphone systems, feel free to contact the Audio Solutions Department.