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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: What Does The Multipoint Feature Do On My Bluetooth Wireless Headphones?

Question: What does the multipoint feature do on my Bluetooth wireless headphones?

Answer: A wireless Bluetooth® connection is designed for convenience. Pairing your Bluetooth headphones and your Bluetooth transmitting device allows for bidirectional data communication between the two. Because of this, however, connecting your headphones to two different devices simultaneously is not often easy and usually requires unpairing or completely powering off one of the devices. But the multipoint pairing function found in some Bluetooth headphones, including the ATH-SPORT60BT and ATH-CKR300BT, let's you connect to two compatible Bluetooth transmitting devices at once.

Audio Solutions Question of the Week: What does the multipoint feature do on my Bluetooth wireless headphones?

Having your headphones paired with two devices can be very beneficial, enabling easy operation between the two. One example is to have your headphones paired to both your computer and smartphone. While you are working on your computer and listening to music, you may receive a phone call on your smartphone. With the multipoint pairing function, you can answer the phone call, talk on the phone with the in-line microphone on your Bluetooth headphones, and, when you hang up, get right back to the music on your computer without having to re-pair your devices. As devices may differ slightly in their performance, however, some features and the way they react may vary. For instance, using the example above with a computer and smartphone, the music that is being played on the computer may automatically pause when the smartphone begins to ring, signifying an incoming phone call. When the call ends, the music may begin playing again automatically, or you may need to press the proper headphone button to resume play.

If your Audio-Technica headphones include the multipoint function, please check your user manual for the proper setup and pairing process. If you have other questions about your Audio-Technica headphones, please contact the Audio Solutions Department.

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