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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: What Is the Difference Between the Group Scan and the Full Group Scan With the 3000 Series IEM System?

Question: What is the difference between the Group Scan and the Full Group Scan with the 3000 Series IEM system?

Answer: The 3000 Series IEM allows users who are not networking their ATW-T3250 transmitters together to utilize the automatic frequency scan with the hardware to ensure they are operating on properly coordinated frequencies. The scanning process is detailed in a previous blog post where we discussed how to use the automatic frequency scan. Within that process, there are two modes for quickly scanning and deploying the frequencies. The “Group Scan” allows you to scan a particular preconfigured scan group, whereas the “Full Group Scan” allows you to use data for all the preconfigured scan groups. Scan groups are frequencies that are mathematically calculated to avoid intermodulation between the frequencies. The scanning process for coordinating wireless frequencies originated before the days when complex coordination software, such as Wireless Manager, was readily available.

If you know a particular scan group that will work best for your area, you may select that while executing your automatic frequency scan. When that data is synced from the receiver to the transmitter, the RF data from that particular group is displayed on the transmitter display. If you do not know which scan group will work best for your area, you should use the “Full Group Scan.”

If you have further questions on running an automatic frequency scan with the 3000 Series IEM, please contact the Audio Solutions Department.