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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Change the Stylus on My AT-LP60 or AT-LP60-USB Turntable?

How do I change the stylus on my AT-LP60 or AT-LP60-USB Turntable?

Answer: Styli is to a cartridge, as tires are to a car, and, as discussed in our last Question of the Week, changing your stylus can be quickly and easily done. Last time we looked at changing the stylus on the AT95E cartridge. Now we’ll look at changing the stylus for the cartridge that is permanently attached to the AT-LP60 Series turntables (AT-LP60, AT-LP60-USB, AT-LP60BL, and AT-LP60RD ). The replacement stylus is the ATN3600L.

Step #1 – Grab a hold of the stylus body and rock the stylus body downwards.

Audio-Technica Stylus

Step #2 – Continue to rock the stylus body downward and completely remove the stylus body tab from the bottom of the cartridge.

Step #3 – Before trying to install your new ATN3600L stylus, make note of the tab on the stylus body and the slot on the bottom of the cartridge.

Changing an Audio-Technica Stylus

Step #4 – Holding the sides of the stylus body, insert the tab on the stylus into the slot on the bottom of the cartridge.

Step #5 – Keeping the tab in the slot, swing the stylus body upwards (the opposite of how you removed the stylus). Be careful not to touch the needle during this process.

Step #6 – Snap or click the stylus body into place. There should be no gap between the top of the stylus body and the headshell. This will help identify that the stylus is properly seated into the cartridge.

Changing the Stylus on an Audio-Technica cartridge

Voila! You have now successfully installed your new ATN3600L stylus and are ready to enjoy more music thanks to your Audio-Technica Audio Solutions Team! As always, our Audio Solutions Department is here to help should you have any additional questions. And remember to check back next Thursday for another “Question of the Week”!