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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: When Would I Use the ATM350W Woodwind Mounting System?

Question: When would I use the ATM350W Woodwind Mounting System?ATM350a Instrument Microphone System Roundup

Answer: Designed with the woodwind musician in mind, the ATM350W Microphone and Woodwind Mounting System provides any woodwind enthusiast with a solution to their microphone placement needs. By utilizing the clear, precise sound produced from the ATM350a cardioid condenser microphone in combination with the placement of the woodwind mounting system, the woodwind musician is given the opportunity to capture the desired tone of their instrument in any recording or live sound application.

The physical design of the ATM350W consists of a 5" gooseneck (AT8490) attached to a soft, adjustable hook-and-loop strap to ensure a secure fit to the instrument with custom rubber contact points to reduce damping of the instrument’s natural resonance. A 9" gooseneck (AT8490L) is also available separately as an option for those with larger woodwind instruments. The gooseneck can be detached from the strap (AT8491W) by loosening the mount’s captive locking thumbscrew for easy storage and transport.

When using the mount with straight reed instruments such as the clarinet, oboe, and soprano sax it is recommended to attach the mount just above the bell. The gooseneck can then be rotated to position the mic for the desired tone. The mic can be aimed upward toward the finger holes at the lower hand position where most of the sound comes out of the instrument to capture the instrument’s natural tone, or it can be aimed at the bell for a darker tone.

For flute, the mount can be attached to the instrument halfway between the body and the head joint usually at the tenon. The microphone should be aimed toward and above the embouchure hole so the flutist does not blow into the microphone and cause unwanted ambient noise. An alternative placement of this mount would be to rotate the mic and aim it toward the keys of the flute (if that acquires the desired tone).

The ATM350W Microphone and Woodwind Mounting System can be used on a variety of woodwind instruments and can also be mounted in a number of different ways. If you have further questions on how to use this mounting system with your woodwind instrument please don’t hesitate to contact us here in the Audio Solutions Department.