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Audio Solutions Question of the Week: Is There a Way To Convert My A-T Wireless Microphone to a Wired Microphone?

Question: Is there a way to convert my A-T wireless microphone to a wired microphone?

Answer: Quite often, yes there is.

For Audio-Technica brand microphones, a locking 4-pin female HRS type connector is often used as the output connector on the cable connecting the microphone to the wireless transmitter. Microphones that are compatible with our UniPak® body-pack transmitters use this connector. These microphones are identified by the inclusion of the letters “cW” in their respective model numbers. These include several models of our lavalier and headworn microphones, such as the popular AT831cW cardioid condenser lavalier and BP892cW-TH omnidirectional condenser headworn microphones, the PRO 35cW and ATM350UcW clip-on instrument microphones, and the U851cW boundary and U857ALcW gooseneck cardioid condenser microphones.

Should you desire to convert your wireless type microphone to a wired type, whether on a permanent or temporary basis, this is easily done by adding our AT8539 Power Module to the microphone. The input connector on the module is a 4-pin male HRS type for easy mating to the microphone, and the output connector is the standard professional microphone 3-pin male XLR type. The module may be connected directly to the 3-pin female XLR type microphone input jack on your audio mixer, recorder etc., or the length of the cable run may be extended by using an XLR-F to XLR-M microphone cable. Phantom power is required to power the module, so make certain the phantom power on the device is turned on. If the MIC level input you are going to plug your microphone into does not provide the necessary voltage, you may use an external phantom power supply such as the AT8801.

If you have further questions for connecting your Audio-Technica wireless microphone to a wired connection, feel free to contact our Audio Solutions Department.