Flush-mount Microphone Socket with LED Ring and Touch Switch


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Flush-mount Microphone Socket with LED Ring and Touch Switch



add an led and a switch to your install microphones

Designed to be recessed into a table, the AT8656/LED Microphone Adapter facilitates the use of any gooseneck microphone or button type surface microphone with a 3-pin XLRM output, such as the ES945 and ES947 microphones in various presentation environments. It has a red / green LED lamp indicating the status of the microphone, and a touch button (switch) to manually switch the microphone from mute to unmute.The adapter also has a locking switch which automatically locks the microphone in place from insertion to the manual release by the user.

  • Adapter allows the installation into a ceiling, wall or table of any gooseneck microphone or button-type surface mic equipped with a 3-pin XLRM output
  • Quick assembly for install microphones, allowing integration with discretion
  • The possibility of contact closure allows the controlling of external devices through a built-in switch
  • The touch button allows the user to switch the Microphone from Mute (open) to Unmute (closed) and back.
  • Operates on 24-48V phantom power
  • The 360° ring-shaped red / green LED lamp indicates the status of the microphone
  • The latch automatically locks the microphone in place, holding it firmly until manually unlocked by the user
  • The adapter output is a 3-pin XLRM
  • Supplied with insulation washers for damping the vibration surface

“red/green led lamp”

The AT8656/LED is equipped with a 360° LED lamp ring that visually indicates the status of the built-in microphone (open / closed). It works through the microphone's phantom power, without the need for an additional external power supply.

“accepts a wide range of microphones”

The AT8656/LED accepts all Audio-Technica Quickmount gooseneck microphones (Propoint, Unipoint and Engineered Sound ranges) as well as button-type surface microphones (ES945 and ES947).

“fast installation”

The AT8656/LED can be discreetly and stylishly integrated into the conference room table. Before each meeting, simply plug your gooseneck microphones into the AT8656/LED, and within minutes the conference can begin. At the end of the meeting, the microphones can be unlocked and removed from their adapter to make way for an open table.

LED lamp

The AT8656/LED has a 360° ring that lights up green when the built-in microphone is on, red when the microphone is closed, and turns off when not electrically powered.

flexibility of use

The AT8656/LED is designed to add an LED and a programmable switch function to the ES945 and ES947 surface microphones, but it can also be used with any quick mount XLR gooseneck mic from the ES, Unipoint and Propoint series.

secure microphone

As soon as a microphone is inserted into the AT8656/LED, a locking click is heard. Only manual intervention by the user, by pressing the release button, will release the microphone.


The AT8656/LED comes with rubber insulation washers and a metal retaining ring (only for use with gooseneck microphones) to cushion surface vibrations.


Frequentierespons 50 - 20,000 Hz
Vereisten fantoomvoeding 20-52V DC, 4.5 mA typical
Schakelaars Touch-sensitive control: momentary
Gewicht 188 g
Afmetingen 139.3 mm long, 65.0 mm maximum width
Uitgangsconnector 3-pin XLRM-type
Meegeleverde accessoires One pair surface isolators; gooseneck retaining ring & isolator; mounting nut; screws (3)