What is Technica Logistics?

Technica Logistics Inc. (TLI) is a logistical operations company and wholly owned subsidiary of Audio-Technica U.S. Inc. 
TLI was established to supply enhanced service to our customers, building on our experience and success
in warehouse and distribution operations as well as our unprecedented dedication to customer support and service.



Who is Technica Logistics?

Rest assured that all TLI employees are Audio-Technica employees – delivering the same outstanding support
that you have become accustomed to. TLI employees are located at the Audio-Technica U.S. headquarters in Stow, Ohio,
as well as our distribution and and fulfillment facilities in Charleston, South Carolina, and San Diego, California.


Technica Logistics Personnel Include the Following Audio-Technica U.S. Departments:
Service  •  Quality  •  Production  •  Shipping  •  Receiving