Kleinst-kondensator-mikrofon mit Nierencharakteristik


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AT898 Kleinst-kondensator-mikrofon mit Nierencharakteristik

Kleinst-kondensator-mikrofon mit Nierencharakteristik

Available configurations:

AT898: 9.8' (3.0 m) permanently attached cable terminated with TA3F connector; AT8537 power module (with 80 Hz high-pass filter) for battery or phantom power.

AT898c: 55" (1.4 m) permanently attached cable (unterminated); no power module. 

AT898cH: 55" (1.4 m) permanently attached cable terminated with a screw-down 4-pin connector for use with Audio-Technica cH-style body-pack wireless transmitters; no power module. 

AT898cW: 55" (1.4 m) permanently attached cable terminated with a locking 4-pin connector for use with Audio-Technica cW-style body-pack wireless transmitters; no power module.



Designed to be worn as a lavalier or hidden in clothing, Audio-Technica's discreet-design cardioid AT898 offers maximum intelligibility, accurate voice reproduction and unobtrusive appearance for use in houses of worship, broadcast studios, theaters, etc. Its switchable low-frequency roll-off reduces sensitivity to popping. Battery or phantom power.

  • Maximum intelligibility and clean, accurate reproduction for lecturers, stage and television talent, and houses of worship
  • Low-profile design (a mere 5 mm in diameter) is ideal for applications requiring minimum visibility
  • Operates on battery or phantom power
  • Extensive array of provided accessories includes a clothing clip, viper clip, magnet clip and lanyard (black models only), windscreens, interchangeable single and double mic holders
  • Accessories available separately
  • 9.8' (3.0 m) cable permanently attached to mic, TA3F connector at power module
  • Also available as: AT898c - less power module; 55" (1.4 m) cable, unterminated ; AT898cW - less power module; 55" (1.4 m) cable terminated with locking 4-pin connector for Audio-Technica UniPak™ wireless systems


Mikrofonelement Elektret
Richtcharakteristik Niere
Frequenzbereich 200 - 15,000 Hz
Trittschallfilter 80 hz, 12 dB/oktave
Empf. am offenen Schaltkreis Phantom : –43dB (7.0mV), re 1V bei 1Pa
Batterie : –46dB (5,0mV), re 1V bei 1Pa
Max. Eingangspegel Phantom: 131 dB SPL, 1 kHz bei 1% T.H.D. - Batterie: 115 dB SPL, 1 kHz bei 1% T.H.D.
Dynamikumfang Phantom: 100dB,1 kHz bei max SPL - Batterie: 84dB ,1 kHz bei max SPL
Geräuschpegelabstand 63dB, 1 kHz bei 1Pa
Phantomspeisung 11- 52 V DC, 2 mA typisch
Batterietyp 1.5V AA-UM3
Batterielebensdauer 0,4 mA typisch/1.200 Stunden (alkaline Batterie)
Schalter Flat, Roll-Off (versenkt)
Gewicht Mikrofon 0,9 g - Netzteil 102 g
Kabel 3,0 m Länge (Fest verbunden) 2,0 mm Durchmesser, doppelt geschirmtes Kabel mit TA3F Anschluss passend für TB3M-Stecker am Netzteil
Abmessungen Mikrofon 23,0 mm Länge, 5,3 mm Durchmesser - Netzteil 145,0 mm Länge, 21,0 mm Durchmesser
Ausgangsanschluss 3-Pol XLR
Beiliegendes Zubehör AT8537 Speiseteil; AT8439 Kabel-Clip; Ansteckclip-Basis; Viper-Clip-Basis; Magnet-Clip-Basis und Platte mit Schlaufe; drei Einzel-Mikrofonhalter; zwei Doppel- Mikrofonhalter; zwei Elementabdeckungen; zwei Windschutzfilter; Ba


AT898 Declaration of Conformity
AT898 Frequenzgang
AT898 Richtcharakteristik
AT898 Specification Sheet
AT898c Declaration of Conformity
AT898cW Declaration of Conformity