3000b Series handheld microphone/ transmitter with cardioid dynamic element


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ATW-T341b 3000b Series handheld microphone/ transmitter with cardioid dynamic element

3000b Series handheld microphone/ transmitter with cardioid dynamic element


The ATW-T341b cardioid dynamic wireless handheld transmitter features the Artist Elite® AE4100 cardioid capsule created for live sound venues. The element includes internal shock mounts for low handling noise. An integral two-stage pop filter within the rugged steel headcase protects against “p” pops and other breath plosives. Transmitter setup functions are menu-driven via soft-touch controls. To prevent accidental changes, the controls are covered by the transmitter’s handle case when not being used.

Operating using two standard AA batteries, the transmitter features high- and low-level RF output settings. The low-level setting allows two additional hours of battery life while retaining a strong RF signal link. Soft-touch controls provide convenient access to a variety of functions including RF power, audio input level, power/mute locks and frequency selection. Each transmitter’s backlit LCD display presents a great deal of setup and operating information clearly and conveniently including battery fuel remaining, mute, and operating frequency. A flashing “Lo-Batt” alert visually signals the battery life almost depleted. Programmable power/mute locks limit the functioning of transmitter’s power/mute button as desired for particular users and applications. A dual-colour status LED illuminates green when power is on, and red when the transmitter is muted. To match the audio input level to the transmitter, a four-position audio input gain setting selected through the function menu is provided. The transmitter housing is made of metal with an integral antenna. Each handheld transmitter includes a heavy-duty Quiet-Flex™ stand clamp.


Gewicht 284 g (10.0 oz), without batteries
Handheld Transmitter
RF-Ausgangsleistung 30mW; Niedrig: 10mW, nominal
Nebenaussendungen Entspricht nationalen Richtlinien
Element Dynamisch, Niere
Batterietyp Zwei 1.5 V AA Alkali (nicht enthalten)
Batterielebensdauer Ca. 8 Stunden (niedrig), 6 Stunden (hoch) je nach Batterietyp und Art der Anwendung
Abmessungen 237 mm lang – 48 mm maximaler Durchschnitt
Beiliegendes Zubehör AT8456a Quiet-Flex™ Stativklemme



ATW-T341b Declaration of Conformity
3000b License Options
3000b Series Owners Manual