3000 Series IEM
3000 Series Wireless In-Ear Monitor System

3000 Series IEM

3000 Series IEM
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3000 Series IEM

The Audio-Technica 3000 Series Wireless In-Ear Monitor System (ATW-3255) was designed to bring professional sound quality and features to all levels of performers and performance venues. System integrators for houses of worship, owners of live-performance venues and the musicians who play in them all tell us the same thing: They need an affordable, durable in-ear monitor system that is easy to use and, crucially, delivers high-quality sound with dependable RF.

The 3000 Series Wireless IEM provides all that and more.

With design elements modeled after our popular 3000 Series UHF Wireless Microphone Systems, the 3000 Series IEM features a rack-mount transmitter with front-panel controls and large OLED display, body-pack receiver with an efficient headphone amp (it also conveniently charges in the same ATH-CHG3 and ATH-CHG3N charging stations as the 3000 Series UHF body-pack transmitters), and ATH-E40 professional in-ear monitor headphones with propriety dual phase push-pull drivers. Together these elements provide clear, natural sound quality on any stage. 

The 3000 Series Wireless IEM offers exceptionally wideband UHF coverage (138 MHz), available in frequency bands DF2 (470 – 608 MHz) and EG2 (580 – 714 MHz); receiver antenna diversity to ensure RF stability; and stereo or mono operation with pan/personal mix controls. Additional features include network monitoring and control via the Audio-Technica Wireless Manager software, a cue mode that allows an audio engineer to monitor several IEM channels from a single receiver, and a 3000 Link mode that enables compatibility with 3000 Series wireless microphone components.

Mixing and performing on a smaller scale shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing sound quality. Through the 3000 Series Wireless In-Ear Monitor System, Audio-Technica continues to deliver on its promise of making high-quality audio accessible to all.

3000 Series IEM


  • Durable wireless in-ear monitor system delivers high-quality sound and stable RF
  • Ideal for use in houses of worship and performance venues 
  • Optimized internal digital signal processing provides exceptional stereo separation 
  • Wide UHF tuning bandwidth of 138 MHz for maximum versatility in an increasingly congested RF environment; available in frequency bands DF2 (470 – 608 MHz) and EG2 (580 - 714 MHz)
  • Shares design elements with the 3000 Series UHF Wireless Systems for easy integration and compatibility
  • Transmitter and receiver include OLED screens for optimal readout of key settings and alerts
  • Offers network monitoring and control via Wireless Manager software
  • A channel plan can be deployed to all network-connected transmitters via an RF scan from a single receiver, with no interference or third-order intermodulation 
  • Body-pack receiver operates continuously for up to 7 hours when powered by NiMH batteries and charged in the ATW-CHG3 or ATW-CHG3N charging station (sold separately)
  • Stereo or mono operation with pan/personal mix controls
  • Receiver is equipped with an efficient headphone amp to ensure clear, natural sound quality
  • Custom audio settings include EQ, limiter, gain control and balance
  • Receiver’s antenna diversity improves RF stability
  • Included ATH-E40 professional in-ear monitor headphones feature propriety dual phase push-pull drivers for exceptional accuracy and clarity
  • Transmitter is equipped with balanced XLR inputs and loop output, plus network port


Overall System
Operating Frequencies Band DF2: 470.125 to 607.875 MHz Band EG2: 580.000 to 713.850 MHz
Minimum Frequency Step 25 kHz
Modulation Mode FM
Nominal/Peak Deviation ±34 kHz nominal / ±45 kHz peak
Frequency Response 40 Hz to 14,100 Hz
Stereo Separation 75 dB
Operating Range 90 m (300')
Open range environment with no interfering signals
Dynamic Range >90 dB, A-weighted, typical
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.2% (at 1 kHz, +4dBu input)
Maximum Simultaneous Use (recommended) 49 ch per band
For assistance with multi-band operation or other frequency coordination issues, contact your local Audio-Technica dealer.
Notes For product improvement, the product is subject to modification without notice.
IEM Transmitter
RF Output Power High: 50 mW, Low: 10 mW (switchable) at 50 ohms
May differ depending on the country or region in which you live.
Input Connection XLR-F type×2 (Pin1: GND, Pin2: Hot, Pin3: Cold)
Maximum Input Level XLR-F type: +24 dBu (at 0 dB sensitivity)
Output Connection 6.3 mm (1/4") TRS×2 (Tip: Hot, Ring: Cold, Sleeve: Ground)
Network 100BASE-T
Network Port RJ-45
Power Supply 100 to 240 V AC (50/60 Hz) to 12V DC 1 A (center positive) switched mode external power supply
Antenna Output BNC-type, 50 ohms
Dimensions 210 mm (8.3")×191 mm (7.5")×43.4 mm (1.7") (W×D×H)
Weight 1,100 g (39 oz)
(without accessories)
Included Accessories AC adapter Rack-mount (large, small) Flexible UHF antenna
Receiving System Antenna diversity
Audio output cable performs as a secondary antenna to ensure stable RF performance.
Image Rejection >80 dB, typical
RF Sensitivity 20 dBuV at 60 dBA S/N ratio (50 ohms termination)
Headphone Output Jack 3.5 mm (1/8") TRS stereo mini-jack
Headphone Output 40 mW (at 12 ohms)
EQ Low: 80 Hz / 160 Hz / 320 Hz / ±9 dB in 3 dB step High: 6 kHz / 8 kHz / 10 kHz / ±9 dB in 3 dB step
Limiter Selectable: -30dB to OFF (0 dB) in 6 dB steps
Antenna Input SMA type, 50 ohms
Operating Temperature Range -5℃ to +45℃ (23℉ to 113℉)
Battery performance may be reduced at very low temperatures.
Dimensions 64 mm (2.5")×23 mm (0.91")×82 mm (3.2") (W×D×H)
Weight 102 g (3.6 oz) (without batteries)
Accessories Included ATH-E40
Battery Current/Life 4 to 6 hours (alkaline); 5 to 7 hours (Ni-MH, 1900 mAh); 11 to 13 hours (Lithium)
Depending on battery type, usage, volume level and environmental conditions.
Battery Type 3 V DC (two 1.5 V AA) (not included)