With a welcoming, informative, sometimes whacky Twitch stream that spreads her love of board games and video games, Banzainator has cultivated a dedicated, supportive community that tunes in for games and for each other. Below, she talks about how she got her start, what drives her stream – including the gear she values – and the advice she has for those looking to follow in her footsteps.  

 Banzainator streaming the game Potions of Azerland



How did you get your start in streaming? What can viewers expect when they watch a Banzainator stream? 

I started streaming when the pandemic hit, which was right around when Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out. My nephew had gotten me some streaming gear and told me I should do it, and I did! 

Now, viewers can expect to see streams to be filled with community, sharing stories and how their day has been. I stream Monday to Friday in the evenings, about 80 hours a month – so the community is really solid. I stream board games, one video game (right now Palworld) and then every single Friday I do Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. with chat. So about 50/50 board games / video games. I’m also a family-friendly streamer, and make sure there’s no toxicity in chat. 


How do you choose the games you play on your stream?

For board games, I choose games that can fit on my desk, play solo, or best situation – sponsored! I work with a lot of companies promoting their games, especially while they’re on Kickstarter. If it’s a video game: something that is entertaining to watch, and can either be completed in a good time or stays relevant to the community (e.g., Animal Crossing during its high).


Do you prefer playing board games or video games? Do you notice any differences in the types of community engagement, chat content, etc. when playing board games versus video games? 

Streaming is the only way I’ll play video games – I rarely play them off stream. So I like being able to have an excuse to play what I want! I love board games but they’re more fun when played with people together in real life. So I prefer both of them equally for streaming. Right now I notice a higher viewership during board game streams, but not by much. There’s more dedicated viewers for certain video games, but that ebbs and flows. It’s the same people over and over when it comes to board gaming. There’s also a ton of crossover. Gamers be gamers, no matter if it’s digital or analog! 


You stress that you are a family-friendly streamer. What does this entail and why is it important to you?

Even though I’m family friendly, that doesn’t mean I’m streaming for kids. In my mind, it’s a stream that’s safe to play on your TV in your living room, and no matter who is in the house it will remain appropriate and safe for all viewers, regardless of their age or relationship status. A lot of people who watch me are married, have kids, etc. I would never want to make a partner uncomfortable in any way, and that’s why I remain family friendly. I’m also part of Family Friendly Live, an official group on Twitch that I had to apply for! It’s a really cool group that even has their own website that has all the members and you can see who’s live. 


We love that you use the BP40 broadcast mic and ATH-M50x monitor headphones for your stream. What do you like about how these products perform?

The BP40 is great for people who yell, and I yell a lot. It has a deeper tone and clear sound. I have zero regrets with this mic and will never want a different one. I love it so much. For my M50x, it fits my head well and the sound is great too. It’s my third or fourth set of headphones for streaming, and I keep going back to Audio-Technica. I also do a lot of work on my computer, and take my headphones off and just listen to the sound from it while I’m working. It’s loud/clear enough that I don’t have to wear them when I’m listening to other streams/music. 






You also built your own gaming PC, correct? What features or customizations were you keen to include when putting the PC together? What other gear is part of your streaming setup? 

First PC build

I built my PC in the winter of 2020, when, as you might remember, everything was sparse and price-gouged. I had saved up every single dollar from streaming on Twitch for nine months to get a computer. I was streaming on my MacBook Pro, and it was almost comical how bad it was for streaming!

I started looking for parts in November 2020. I had to sign up for alerts and be up at 5 a.m. as soon as a sale would open for a part. I would race to Best Buy for other random things that would show in stock nearby. I used PC Part Picker and prepped a build to handle Call of Duty. I never got the graphics card I wanted, but about nine months later I was able to nab a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 from a Newegg raffle. I had one hour to get it, and I had to buy a motherboard they were packaging it with. I spent thousands of dollars to get a better graphics card. I would’ve been just fine with a 3070, but it was just really hard to get anything during those years. If you saw something, you bought it. 

Other gear that is really important to me!

  • I also invested in a wireless keyboard and mouse so I can move stuff when I stream board games. I use a Logitech G915 Wireless Clicky, an Alienware AW610M wireless mouse. 
  • Face cam: Canon EOS M50 Mark II with a Sigma 16 mm
  • Overhead cam for board games: Panasonic Lumix with kit lens
  • Optional cam for mini painting / sometimes board games: Canon EOS R5 w/ 24-70 mm lens (I’m a camera op for some freelance gigs) 
  • Stream Deck XL
  • GoXLR
  • Gator Frameworks deluxe desk-mounted boom arm
  • Stream Deck foot pedal
  • Flexispot standing desk

I hope to get better lighting and new monitors someday!


What advice would you give others who are eager to start streaming? 

  1. You have to be in the right mindset before you go live. If you’re not, it will impact the entire stream. It’s okay to be real on camera, but also don’t stream unless you’re mentally ready. We’re all here to have a good time, even you! Stream to feel and be better, not to vent and project.
  2. Have a goal of why you’re streaming. Why are you streaming? Have a realistic goal. I could go on and on about this, but just take away that if you don’t know why you’re streaming, then you won’t stick with it.

Four people streaming


Do you have upcoming events, special streams, or anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

If you are interested in board games, please reach out and let’s connect through Twitch or Instagram! I love meeting fellow board gamers. If you love Mario Kart or Super Smash, hop in hop out on Fridays unless I’m gone for a gig. It’s a chill and fun time. 



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