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Bluetooth latency and how to minimise it

Latency on Bluetooth products is something that comes with the territory, though there are steps that can be taken to minimse it. The majority of Audio-Technica’s headphones operate on at least Bluetooth 5, so as long as the transmitting device is on version 5 or above they will receive the signal as fast as the codec currently allows.

There is always going to be some audio latency using the Bluetooth codec, though technology has progressed since the advent of Bluetooth 5, and subsequent releases are making great leaps forward in speeding up the signal transmission.

What is worth bearing in mind is the transmitting device plays a significant part in latency issues, especially when watching video. Some devices offer A/V sync to compensate for the lag, which is perfect for video consumers, but for gamers this isn’t an option as this delays the visual element to make it in time with audio.

To access the best possible performance from your Bluetooth devices ensure that your device is transmitting on the latest version of the codec by keeping your drivers/firmware up-to-date where possible. If two devices are on different versions it will default to the lower of the two.

To minimise latency as much as possible, wireless headphones that are aptX compatible reduce the latency significantly from those that use the standard SBC protocol. In order to benefit from aptX the transmitting device also has to support it. Check the aptX website to see which Audio Technica products support the codec.

At this point in time though, if you want eliminate latency completely there still isn't a substitute for wired headphones.