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Flashing lights on your turntable

If you are experiencing flashing lights on your turntable this can indicate a couple of things, depending on which turntable you own.


Identifying power eco mode

Audio-Technica’s AT-LP5X and AT-LP120XBT-USB are designed to be energy efficient. When left powered on, after 30 minutes your turntable will enter a power-saving eco-mode if it has been left idle.

When the platter speed button LED lights on your turntable start to flash or change colour, this is an indication that it is in standby mode. By simply pressing the start button, or rotating the speed selector dial, your turntable will resume its normal operational state and the lights will change to a solid illumination. You can now resume listening to your favourite vinyl.


Identifying an internal fault

If you own a turntable that isn’t one of the aforementioned models and the platter will not rotate when activated while displaying flashing LEDs, this could indicate an internal fault. If your product exhibits these signs, please contact your retailer or Audio-Technica for further assistance.

If you wish to discuss flashing LEDs on your turntable in more detail, then please contact us for further assistance.