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How to clean a stylus

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As a record plays, the stylus tip tracking the groove can pick up dust and other contaminates from the vinyl record. Although the stylus tip may not appear to be dirty, microdust and other debris accumulated on it can diminish sound quality and possibly damage the stylus assembly. To enhance the vinyl experience, Audio-Technica offers styli cleaning products designed to prolong the life of your stylus and records.

Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How do I clean the stylus on my Audio-Technica turntable?

The AT617a Cartridge Stylus Cleaner is a tacky gel-based cleaner ideally suited for daily stylus maintenance. The specially formulated polyurethane gel gently removes dirt particles from the stylus tip when the stylus is lowered into it.


  1. Remove the lid and place the cleaner on the turntable platter. Do NOT start the turntable.

  2. Using the finger lift on the headshell, carefully raise the tonearm and position it over the cleaner sitting on the platter.

  3. Without moving the platter, gently lower the tonearm until the stylus tip touches the cleaner gel.

  4. Once the tip touches the gel, raise the tonearm.

  5. Repeat the lower and raise process several times to ensure the stylus tip is clean.


After use, replace the lid on the cleaning product.

*Do NOT force the stylus into the gel or leave it touching the gel for an extended time. The stylus tip needs only to make momentary contact with the gel for proper cleaning.

*To prevent damage to the stylus tip, do not move the platter or cleaner during the cleaning process.

For a more thorough stylus tip cleaning, the AT607a Cartridge Stylus Cleaner uses an ethanol-based solution to remove stubborn grime. A small brush attached to the cap makes it easy to use.

Be careful using the cleaner as it can cause damage to some surfaces and vinyl records. For best results, remove the cartridge/headshell assembly from the tonearm as it makes it easier to see the stylus tip during the cleaning process.


  1. Open the cleaner bottle and wipe the brush against the bottle’s edge, removing excess fluid from the brush.

  2. While holding the cartridge headshell assembly, carefully brush the stylus tip to remove dust and grime. Brush from the rear of the cartridge toward the front. Do not brush from side to side as it can damage the cantilever.

  3. Repeat the cleaning process as needed to ensure the stylus is clean. Be careful not to drip excess cleaning solution on other parts of the cartridge.


After using the AT607a cleaner, tighten the cap to prevent the solution from evaporating. When not in use, store the AT607a cleaning solution in a secure place away from children and pets.

If you have additional questions about cleaning your stylus you can contact us.