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Naturally enhanced bass response in Audio Technica’s headphones

Many of Audio Technica’s headphones offer a naturally enhanced bass response without any detriment to other frequencies. Using an acoustic duct that sits directly on the back of the driver, they utilise the natural resonance of the bass to add greater depth without compromising the integrity of the driver’s transient response.

Headphones that use this technique include ATH-CKS5TW, ATH-CKS50TW, ATH-WS50, ATH-WS55, ATH-WS77 and ATH-WS99.

Many other headphones on the market make the bottom end more prominent by increasing the size of the driver, using different materials for the diaphragm or altering the shape of the enclosure, but these approaches may be at the expense of clarity in frequencies higher up the range. A popular method is to increase the size of the driver so it can cope with the lower portion of the range, though this can be a delicate balancing act if the responsiveness of the higher frequencies is to be preserved.

Audio Technica prides itself on not only designing comfortable and stylish headphones, but also understanding the importance of a well-balanced sonic performance. This mindset motivated the development of a solution that allowed a heightened bass response without encroaching on areas higher up the frequency spectrum.

Audio Technica’s chamber system relies on acoustics only. This space is precisely the correct size and shape to give the bass an added “warmth” without altering the dimensions of the driver itself. This approach doesn’t alter the performance of the driver and delivers a balanced representation of the music being played.