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Playthrough function on Bluetooth headphones

Audio Technica’s Bluetooth headphones feature a playthrough function, which allows them to be used as portable headphones and play back music even when there is no battery power. You can connect the cable provided to any 3.5mm headphone jack socket on a portable audio player or smartphone for example, and continue using them until you get the opportunity to recharge your device. Some headphones are supplied with a jack to jack cable, others are USB to jack.

Whilst using the playthrough function the buttons on the product are not operational, and the cable does not have a microphone so they will not pick up your voice.

If your headphones have active noise cancelling then this will not be functional either, unless you’re using the playthrough function while the battery still has charge.

There are some instances when you may wish to use the cable instead of the wireless Bluetooth connection to eliminate latency when playing a computer game or tracking music in a studio environment. The playthrough function allows you to do this by using the cable when the headphones aren’t turned on.

Contact us if you have any questions about the playthrough function.