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Solving turntable audio issues

If you can’t hear any sound from your Audio Technica turntable, then here are some troubleshooting steps to get you back to enjoying your vinyl collection.

Firstly, make sure your turntable is connected to powered speakers or an amplifier. Audio Technica turntables do not have speakers built into their enclosures and must be connected to external ones to output audio. Check whether your speakers are powered or passive. Powered speakers contain an amplifier and need to be connected to a power source, whereas passive speakers require an amplifier between the turntable and speakers. This article goes into greater depth about connecting your turntable to speakers.

If you have the turntable correctly connected to your speakers and are still unable to hear audio, then examine the LINE/PHONO switch located on the back of the turntable. Unless you are using an external preamp, the switch should be set to LINE, which will enable the preamp that is built into this turntable. If the switch is set to PHONO, then you will have little to no audio output from the speakers whilst playing a record. A simple test to see if your turntable is outputting audio is to connect a pair of wired headphones to the analogue output jack on the back of the turntable. If the turntable switch is set to LINE, you should be able to hear the audio coming out of the headphones.


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Line/Phono Switch


If the audio is still failing to play through the speakers, then there could be a chance that the stylus has become slightly unseated from the tonearm. When this happens, it can produce a handful of issues, ranging from distorted audio to no audio at all. Removing the stylus and reattaching it usually corrects this issue. This article goes into detail on how to remove and reattach the stylus on the your turntable.

Finally, if you have a Bluetooth turntable and are still experiencing issues when connecting to a speaker via Bluetooth, check the Bluetooth speaker to see if it has a PLAY/PAUSE button located on it. Many times, this button acts as a mute switch when the speaker is connected to a Bluetooth turntable, since the button can’t pause the spinning platter. If you can’t hear audio, make sure this button is set to PLAY.

If you are still having issues getting your turntable to produce audio from your speakers, please contact us for further assistance.