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Using USB devices on an Intel 11th Gen CPU Windows computer

Many content creators rely on USB microphones and other audio devices for voice recording on their channels as they are simple to set up, flexible and offer professional quality audio. It is also common for creators to want to upgrade their equipment from time-to-time, but this can result in compatibility issues between the new hardware and their existing kit.

One such conflict has been identified between some USB audio devices and Intel 11th Gen CPUs when operating at higher sampling rates. This incompatibility could result in the device not being recognised, not able to record, or the audio being distorted during playback.

If any of these of these symptoms arise when using a USB audio device with an Intel 11th Gen CPU Windows computer, don’t worry, here’s the solution:

Firstly, check the CPU generation by opening Settings and selecting System.


Click About and confirm the processor is Intel 11th Gen.


If the processor is an Intel 11th Gen CPU then follow this process.

Open Device Manager. You can find this quickly by typing "Device Manager" into the Windows search bar.


Connect your USB microphone then expand the Sound, video and game controllers menu, then open Intel Smart Sound Technology for USB Audio by double-clicking on it.


Select the Driver tab, then click Disable Device. A warning will pop-up asking if you really want to disable it. Click Yes.

You will then be asked if you wish to restart your computer now. Select Yes as the change will only take effect after a restart. Your USB microphone should be functional after the reboot.

If this doesn't solve your issue, then please contact us so we can offer further advice.