Bidirectional Active Ribbon Microphone


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AT4080 Bidirectional Active Ribbon Microphone

Bidirectional Active Ribbon Microphone



the warm and natural sound of a classic ribbon microphone

With the groundbreaking AT4080, Audio-Technica achieves the coveted ribbon microphone sound while solving the problems of fragility and low output that have historically plagued ribbon mics. Delivering the warm, smooth sound of a classic ribbon microphone, Audio-Technica's handcrafted AT4080 Active Ribbon Microphone offers a robust build for long-lasting, reliable performance and higher output for maximum compatibility with microphone preamplifiers. Equally at home in recording studios and in live-sound settings, the microphone features Audio-Technica's innovative MicroLinear™ ribbon imprint, which protects the dual ribbons from lateral flexing and distortion. With 18 patents pending, Audio-Technica's innovatibe ribbon transducer advances the evolution of ribbon microphone design. Experience the difference.

  • Smooth, warm and natural high-fidelity sound for professional recording, broadcast and sound reinforcement
  • Groundbreaking Audio-Technica ribbon design with 18 patents pending
  • Proprietary MicroLinear™ ribbon imprint for superior durability
  • Phantom-powered active electronics provide stable impedance and higher output for maximum compatibility with microphone preamplifiers
  • Extremely powerful N50 neodymium magnets for high output level
  • Custom AT8449aSV shock mount provides superior isolation
  • Handmade production – including ribbon corrugation, imprint and assembly - and 100% quality checked upon manufacture

“microlinear™ ribbon”

Folded, embossed and hand-assembled, the MicroLinear ™ ribbon is a patented process. The ribbon of the AT4080 and its junction plates are coated with a thin gold film which prevents corrosion without interfering with the mass or the resonant frequency of the ribbon, while conventional ribbon microphones use a sheet of pure aluminum, susceptible to corrosion by moisture in the air.

“capable of 150dB spl”

Unlike the techniques usually employed by microphone manufacturers, about 80% of the integrated ribbon in the AT4080 is vertically corrugated over the length of the microphone. Only the ends of the ribbon are corrugated horizontally, which provides a more rigid ribbon, thus avoiding the risks of distortion associated with a high sound pressure level (the AT4080 is capable of  150dB SPL, 1kHz 1% THD ).


While the use of phantom power was excluded for previous ribbon microphones, the AT4080 requires 48V phantom power for operation. Phantom power is not used for the bidirectional active ribbon microphone, but for its active electronics, providing a near equivalent level to the output of a condenser microphone. The extremely powerful N50 Neodymium magnets integrated into the AT4080 provide a high output level, and its stable impedance facilitate the integration of this microphone into all types of preamplifiers. The output circuit is transformerless, using a 3-pin XLR connector.


Innovative MicroLinear™ ribbon imprint protects the dual ribbons from lateral flexing and distortion


Phantom-powered active electronics provide stable impedance and higher output for maximum compatibility with microphone preamplifiers

AT8449aSV shock mount

For optimum insulation, the AT4080 comes with an AT8449aSV high quality Shock Mount.

100% quality-controlled

Each AT4080 is hand-assembled and indivudually inspected 100% to ensure perfect quality control every time.


Element Ribbon
Polar Pattern Figure-of-eight
Frequency Response 20 - 18,000 Hz
Open Circuit Sensitivity -39 dB (11.2 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa
Maximum Input Sound Level 150 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D.
Noise 22 dB SPL
Dynamic Range 128 dB, 1 kHz at Max SPL
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 72 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa
Phantom Power Requirements 48V DC, 3.0 mA typical
Weight 474g
Dimensions 177.5 mm (6.99") long, 53.4 mm (2.10") maximum body diameter
Output Connector Integral 3-pin XLRM-type
Accessories Included AT8449aSV shock mount for 5/8"-27 threaded stands; microphone dust cover; protective carrying case
Audio-Technica Case Style R1



AT4080 Declaration of Conformity
AT4080 Frequency Response
AT4080 Polar Pattern
AT4080 Specification Sheet