Moving Magnet Cartridge


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Moving Magnet Cartridge



Moving magnet Cartridge

This AT440MLb cartridge is equipped with Audio-Technica’s patented Dual Magnet cartridge design and delivers “practically identical to the cutter head” performance.

The AT440MLb features a MicroLine™ shaped, diamond tip for improved high frequency response with less wear and distortion than conventional linear contact styli. The MicroLine™ stylus almost exactly duplicates the shape of the cutting stylus used to produce the original master disc. This enables it to track portions of the groove other styli cannot reach, resulting in extremely accurate tracing of high frequency passages and ruler-flat frequency response within the audible range. The AT440MLb also features Audio-Technica’s unique Para-toroidal Signal Generator. This unique signal generating system is composed of a unified, laminated coil core wound with a single piece of wire. Internal mechanical and electrical connections are eliminated, minimising magnetic losses and ensuring better signal transfer. A gold plated beryllium cantilever improves stability whilst the dual magnet system offers excellent channel separation.
  • Dual magnet cartridge design
  • Para-toroidal generator coil circuit
  • Micro linear stylus
  • PCOCC wire
  • ​Gold plated connectors

“Most advanced design”

The MicroLine™ stylus represents the latest and most advanced design, with a shape that produces better high frequency response with less wear or distortion than with earlier configurations.

“Clarity and purity”

Utilising PCOCC coil wire transmits distortion-free sound in which even the most subtle details are reproduced with clarity and purity.