High-Fidelity Wooden Closed-Back Headphones


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High-Fidelity Wooden Closed-Back Headphones



Experience the elegance and finesse of the RAFFINATO

Lose yourself in the experience of amazingly rich, high-fidelity sound. Equipped with striped ebony housing for superb acoustic characteristics, the ATH-W5000 dynamic headphones achieve new levels of audiophile sound quality and listening comfort. These stellar headphones deliver formidable power, ultra-comfortable fit and stunning design.

  • Striped ebony housing provides superb acoustic characteristics
  • Ear pads cushioned in leather feature A-T’s ultra-comfortable total ear fitting design
  • 53 mm drivers (equipped with neodymium magnet systems) designed exclusively for the W5000
  • Driver unit incorporates a Permendur magnetic circuit with exceptional magnetic characteristics
  • High-quality 8N-OFC (oxygen free copper) voice coils for ultra-efficient signal transfer
  • Lightweight magnesium alloy frame
  • Double Air Damping System for deep bass reproduction
  • 3D Wing Support provides stable, comfortable fit
  • Y-cable features an elastomer sheath that helps prevent tangles
  • Includes padded, protective hard-shell case for safe, convenient storage
  • Gold-plated ¼” (6.3 mm) stereo connector provides exceptional corrosion resistance, superb conductivity, low noise

“Striped ebony housing”

The exclusive 53mm wide drivers are encased in beautiful wooden housing made of smooth ebony. The attractive looking housing is not only for aesthetic purposes but also delivers very high quality acoustic characteristics, allowing for a deep and very natural sound.

“Lambskin earpads”

The earpads of the ATH-W5000 headphones are incredibly comfortable. They are made from lambskin leather from Spain, which gives them extreme softness and comfort. Once the headphones are worn, the memory foam pads delicately marry to the ears to perfectly isolate outside noise while allowing the skin to breathe.

“Exclusive d.a.d.s. system”

The ATH-W5000 features the Double Air Damping System which also features across the full range of Audio-Technica Art Monitor Headphones to improve bass reproduction.

Floating mount system

Separating the magnesium frames from the wooden housing, thus removes the transmission of unwanted vibration to obtain a sound of a high purity.

OFC-8N voice coils

The OFC-8N voice coils are used to maintain optimum efficiency in the signal transfer process.

3D WING Structure

ATH-W5000 is equipped with 3D Wing Structure that allows a perfect fit of the headphones, whatever shape the head, while its lightweight structure makes the headphones comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Luxurious carry case

The headset comes in a very luxurious rigid carrying case, padded, inside a protective hard-shell case for safe, convenient storage with thermo formed foam topped with red satin that houses the ATH-W5000, like a diamond in its setting.


Type Closed-back Dynamic, Double Air Damping System
Driver Diameter 53mm
Frequency Response 5 - 45,000 Hz
Maximum Input Power 2000 mW
Sensitivity 102 dB/mW
Impedance 40 ohms
Weight 340g - (without cord)
Cable Elastomer sheath/OFC6N - Hi-OFC/ 3.0 - (dual-sided), 4-core parallel cable
Connector Standard 1/4" (6.3 mm) gold-plated stereo plug
Magnet Neodymium
Accessories Included Hard case; cable storage bag



ATH-W5000 Manual (EN)
ATH-W5000 Declaration of Conformity