Integration unit for the ATUC-50 conference system


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ATUC-50IU Integration unit for the ATUC-50 conference system

Integration unit for the ATUC-50 conference system

The ATUC-50IU has two RJ-45 ports, seven Euroblock connectors for audio and control options, and six Euroblock connectors for LED power and general-purpose input/output (GPIO). Mic input is compatible with ATUC-M43H, ATUC-M58H, ATUC-M32L, AT8657/LED, U891RCx and other microphones. Includes mic input, speaker output, headphone output, control input (Talk On, Vol. Up, Vol. Down, Channel Select – Open/Closed contact), LED status output, GPIO. Designed for discreet installation (e.g., under a table). ATUC-50CU firmware version 1.6.0 or higher is required. For wired or wireless systems.


The ATUC-50IU is microprocessor for custom designed flush mount conference units for the ATUC-50 system. It can be placed anywhere in same chain/loop with other ATUC-50 units, where the architecture of the system requires seamless, hidden installation of the microprocessor. The unit is providing connections to a range of the flush mount components such as loudspeaker, microphone, headphone outlet, channel selector and more. The flush mount conference unit components can be both from the wide portfolio of AT Install Sound products are entirely custom made by the system integrator and architect. With the 16 GPIOs (general-purpose inputs outputs), this unit can also provide signal for variety of desired combinations of the features, as for example: up to 8 buttons for the external voting, different presets, and other conference related commands. The unit is available in single version and programmable per user type as delegate, chairman or VIP.

  • Integration unit for the ATUC-50 conference system
  • Metal body mounts quickly and discreetly on the underside of a table or other surface
  • 2x RJ45 ports for connecting to other discussion system components
  • 39 pin on Euroblock connectors for audio, control, LED power and 16 GPIO
  • Mic input compatible with all UniPoint®, Pro Point, Engineered Sound and conference microphones
  • Supports all ATUC-50  conference and audio settings


Discussion Unit
Dynamic Range 106dB A-Weighted
Frequency response +1dB/ -2dB 20Hz – 20kHz, +4dBu input @ 1kHz
Sampling Frequency 24bit / 48kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 86dB A-Weighted
Connections 2x RJ45, 39 pin on EuroBlock
Headroom 20dB
Phantom Power DC + 48V
Power Supply DC + 48V
Power Consumption 3.4W
Operating Temperature Range 0 – 400C
Dimensions 116 x 173 x 25mm
Weight 460g