IR Discussion Unit


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ATUC-IRDU IR Discussion Unit

IR Discussion Unit


Whatever your conferencing or discussion needs, the ATUC-IR is designed to offer reliable, clear and intelligible communication to significantly increase meeting efficiency and effectiveness.

Voice is the quickest and most efficient tool for exchanging ideas - whether in meeting rooms, councils, classrooms or through videoconference, speech is the most direct way of communication and understanding.

In the digital era, the control of information is paramount. With an infrared conference system your wireless signal will not leave the room; it is impossible to capture from another building, for example. Compared to a UHF system (radio waves), which behaves in the same way a radio station transmitting over a broad area, the infrared system excels at protecting your information, since no leakage is possi

Via IR transmission, the ATUC-IRDU connects easily with the ATUC-IRCU (ATUC-IRCUDAN).

  • Connect up to 200 discussion units to one hybrid control unit
  • Equipped with two multifunction buttons which can be shared with 2 people, or used for the chairman
  • Use of one or two batteries for over 13 hours of operation
  • High quality speaker for enhanced intelligibility
  • Clear LED display for channel selection
  • Individual Automated Gain Control (AGC), Mic gain and Mic EQ
  • Multicolour LED bar on the DU (rear side)
  • Multicolour LED on each speak button
  • Compatibility with standard XLR3 pin gooseneck
  • Supports ATUC-MIC and their LED rings


Overall System
Operating Frequencies Infrared
Frequency Response +1.0, -2.0dB, 200Hz - 5kHz (+4dBu output at 1kHz)
Operating Range Max. 6m
Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 1%, 1kHz unity
Operating Temperature Range 0 - 40°C
Operating Humidity 25 - 85%
Headroom 7dB
Number Of Channels Voice: 10 channels
Monitor: 4 channels
Discussion Unit
Dynamic Range 65dB, A-Weighted
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 58dB, A-Weighted
Connections Inputs: Microphone XLR x1
Output: Headphone 3.5mm x2
Equivalent Input Noise Less than –80dBu, Rs = 150ohm
Phantom Power DC+24V
Battery LI-240a (lithium-ion battery) × 2
Battery Life 1 Battery: 6hours 40minutes (transmitting:receiving = 1:4)
2 Batteries: 13hours 20minutes (transmitting:receiving = 1:4)
Power Supply DC+12V, 1A
Power Consumption 4.0W
Dimensions 189mm × 150mm × 71.3mm
Weight Approx. 800g (including 2 batteries)
Accessories Included Battery cover × 2
Bandwidth 1MHz - 10MHz
Modulation Method FM