IEM Transmitter Antenna Combiner


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RF Venue product distributed by Audio-Technica 

Run your wireless in-ear monitor (IEM) system like the pros. The COMBINE8™ IEM transmitter antenna combiner brings together up to eight in-ear monitor transmitter signals into a single rear panel-mounted antenna. Combining IEMs on one antenna always works better than using multiple antennas, which can interfere with each other and cause serious RF and audio signal problems.

The COMBINE8™ works with any brand IEM (set to transmit 50 mW or less) and any type of directional antenna operating in the 470 to 608 MHz range. It is equipped with eight BNC transmitter inputs and front-panel LED signal indicators for each input. It also provides DC power to up to 8 IEM transmitters with an external power supply, removing the need for wall warts.


  • Broadband UHF operation (470-608 MHz range)
  • Combines the signals of up to eight wireless in-ear monitor transmitters into one antenna
  • External power supply provides DC power to up to eight individual transmitters
  • Eight BNC inputs for IEM transmitter signals
  • Front-panel LED signal indicators for each input
  • Includes two AC cables, auxiliary power supply with 8 DC plugs, and eight BNC jumpers
  • Full rack width (1 RU)