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Experience superb sound clarity with Audio-Technica ATW-DT3101 body pack transmitter, part of the 3000 Digital Series. It is robust and durable yet its low profile design makes this wireless transmitter perfect for musicians and audio professionals. Featuring Audio-Technica’s original codec for efficient transfer of audio data, enjoy seamless transmission, convenient charging and smooth setup with the ATW-DT3101.

Power Up In 6.5 Hours

Experience reliable, convenient charging. The ATW-DT3101 is compatible with NiMH- batteries which can be fully charged in around 6.5 hours. Two body pack transmitters can be charged at the same time in one charging unit. Up to five chargers can be connected simultaneously, allowing you to fully power up ahead of performance. 

Compatible With AA Batteries For Instant Charge 

Back up your body pack transmitter by keeping AA batteries at hand. Whilst we recommend you select rechargeable batteries for efficiency and environmental friendliness, an easy swap with AA alkaline batteries is possible with the ATW-DT3101 wireless transmitter. Never get caught short again.

Enjoy Advanced Security Features

The Audio-Technica 3000 Digital Series utilises a 4-digit code as a common encryption, to ensure that only the set microphone and receiver can communicate. Using an Advanced Encryption Standard setting established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, you’ll be protected against any network intrusion or audio leakage.

Experience Uninterrupted Audio

Live audio requires on-the-go monitoring and quick thinking. The ATW-DT3101 features a unique multi-function button which can be used to switch to a backup frequency should interference be encountered. Both the transmitter and receiver can be switched to the same frequency for seamless transition. 

Perfect For Those Quiet Moments  

While our sound systems are designed to produce high-fidelity audio like no other, we appreciate there are times when you’ll need to hit the mute button. This body pack transmitter features a tactile mute toggle switch to provide physical confirmation of mute status when your transmitter display isn’t visible.

Secure Connection

Drop the mic, don’t drop your connection. Our rugged body pack transmitter provides secure connection to lavalier mics, headworn mics and cables with cH-style screw-down 4-pin connector. 


  • High-quality sound transmitter, equipped with Audio-Technica original codec.
  • Achieves a latency of 2.5msec.
  • Unique multi-function button can be used to switch to a backup frequency (on both transmitter and receiver) should interference be encountered.
  • cH-style connector provides secure connection to lavalier mics, headworn mics and cables with a cH-style screw-down 4-pin connector.
  • -10 to 20 dB can be changed in 2 dB steps. 
  • Charging terminals work with optional ATW-CHG3 and ATW-CHG3N smart charging docks to recharge batteries.
  • Compatible with AA batteries for instant power.


Body Pack
RF Power Output High: 20 mW, Mid: 10 mW, Low: 2 mW
Battery Life When using nickel-metal hydride 1.5 V AA batteries: Approx. 7 hours (1900 mAh High), approx. 9 hours (2500 mAh High) When using alkaline 1.5 V AA batteries: Approx. 6 hours (High)
Battery Type Two alkaline or nickel-metal hydride 1.5 V AA batteries
Dimensions 64 mm (2.52") × 23 mm (0.91") × 82 mm (3.23") (W × D × H)
Input Connections Four pin locking connector (Pin 1: GND, pin 2: INST INPUT, pin 3: MIC INPUT, pin 4: DC BIAS +5 V)
Net Weight Approx. 105 g (3.7 oz)
High-pass (low-freq. roll-off) 80 Hz, 120 Hz, 160 Hz, 12 dB/octave
Operating Temperature Range −5°C to +40°C (23°F to 104°F)
Accessory Included Carrying case