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Guide to Audio-Technica’s vinyl and stylus cleaning products

Keeping your vinyl and turntables in pristine condition not only guarantees the best sound from your system, it also prolongs its lifespan. Audio-Technica has developed a selection of cleaning products to ensure that you’ve got the correct tools to care for your turntable’s components and your favourite records.

Here is a rundown of Audio-Technica’s range of cleaning products.


For regular use

AT6011A – This vinyl brush has two rows of carbon fibre bristles, which reach into the vinyl grooves to lift and displace dust/debris. This can be used frequently, for those who keep on top of their vinyl.

AT6013A – Similar to the AT6011A, this vinyl cleaner has a row of carbon fibre bristles to lift and displace dust/debris, a velvet centre to catch the resultant dust/debris, then a second row of carbon fibre bristles to displace the static charge built up by the velvet. This is also suitable for enthusiasts who clean a record before every play.

AT6012 - This is a record cleaning kit. You put a drop or two of AT634a anti-static fluid in each hole on the top of the Sonic Broom then slowly rotate in the direction of the arrow its side to remove dust/debris. This gives a more thorough clean, which is good for old/second-hand vinyl or perhaps an inherited a collection.

AT617A – This stylus cleaning gel is used on the stylus itself. Dip the tip in once or twice between records, and it will remove dust/debris from the stylus.


For occasional use

AT607A – This stylus vinyl remover is applied when specialist attention is needed. If you play a record a few times in a row, the friction between the stylus and vinyl causes the grooves to get warm, softening the vinyl. Some of the soft vinyl will transfer onto the stylus and as it cools, it hardens on the tip. This can be prevented by allowing the vinyl to cool for about 30 mins between each listen. If the stylus has some vinyl residue that has solidified on the tip, the AT607A fluid will eat away at this vinyl residue deposit to remove it. Care should be taken when using this product. A detailed procedure for cleaning your stylus with this product can be found here.

Audio-Technica’s range of cleaning product covers many use cases, with different levels of cleaning to suit a wide range of care requirements. If you want to know more about vinyl care, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.