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Using Google Fast Pair

Many Audio Technica headphones come equipped with Google’s Fair Pair functionality. Models supporting the Fast Pair feature include: ATH-M50XBT2, ATH-CKS50TW, and ATH-S220BT.

Fast Pair uses Bluetooth Low Energy and your Android phone’s location to automatically discover Bluetooth accessories in close proximity to enable connection with a simple tap.

When you put a Fast Pair enabled accessory in pairing mode near your Android smartphone, the phone will show your product in a pop-up window. Simply hit connect and you'll receive a confirmation telling you the pairing's successful.

Android will also identify and offer to download Audio Technica’s Connect app from the Play Store. Your products are then associated with your Google account so they’ll be transferred when you change your Android device. You can even check to see where you last placed it.


How to use Google Fast Pair


  • Turn on the Bluetooth function on an Android device configured with a Google account.

  • Turn on the product, put it in pairing mode and bring the product close to the Android device.

  • Touch the pairing notification that appears on your Android device.


The voice guidance will play the message “Bluetooth connected”, and the indicator lamp will flash as per your product’s Bluetooth function dictates. This indicates pairing was successfully completed.

For information about using your Bluetooth device, refer to its user manual.

Contact us if you have any further issues with your Audio Technica Bluetooth products.