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Replacing the stylus on the AT-LP60X and Sound Burger

Audio-Technica’s entry level AT-LP60X and AT-LP60 (discontinued) ranges, and portable AT-SB727 and limited edition AT-SB2022 turntables come equipped with the ATN3600L stylus. All of these turntables do not feature tone arm adjustments and come pre-configured from the factory to only work with the ATN3600L stylus.

The ATN3600L has a down-force of 3.5g, and although other Audio-Technica styli may fit on the “fixed cartridge” of these turntables, the pre-set tracking-force would be too much for them to function correctly, resulting in damage to the stylus and possibly your vinyl. There may be third-party styli available, but we cannot recommend these as we have not tested them to see if they meet our standards.


Replacing the ATN3600L

When replacing the stylus, it is easier to change it with the stylus guard in place as it offers more to grip onto and will protect the needle. It will be quite tight when you first come to change it.


  • Whilst holding the tonearm with one hand to support it, rotate the front of the old stylus in a forward and down motion. It will come free at the front first, allowing the rear to disconnect by gently moving it forwards.


  • Engage the tag at the rear of the stylus assembly into the body first.


  • Push backwards and upwards until you hear a click.


  • Make sure that there isn’t a gap between the headshell and the stylus.


If you have any further questions about the ATN3600L, AT-LP60X range or Sound Burger please contact us.