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Musician and producer Isaac Pimenta is our July Creator of the Month!

Creator of the Month Isaac Pimenta with Guitar

26-year-old Isaac is from Portugal and enjoys creating music and engaging with his community. Keep reading to find out more about Isaac's beginnings, latest projects and what to expect in the future…

How did you start your journey in the music industry? 

I actually connected with music for the first time after a punishment from my parents, I had failed a science test and my parents took away all of my electronic devices and prevented me from leaving the house. I discovered a lost guitar in a wardrobe in my brother's room and started playing, with the help of YouTube. After that, I graduated in Musicology and took an additional course in Music Production and Creation; I was always creating music and sharing it with friends and family. Nowadays, with 10 original songs already released, and many more to come, I feel that I am on the right track and I know exactly the kind of music I want to make in the future.


What does your creative process look like? 

It depends. There are (rare) times when you create a song from start to finish in a matter of minutes, but it is usually more difficult. You need to have some preparation, availability and also a certain humility to be able to express what you want. I make music in a very sentimental and not-so-pragmatic way. I need to have something to say, I have to feel something when I'm creating, because if I do it just for the sake of doing it, it's not worth it, it won't fulfill me.

Speaking more concretely, certain mechanisms can trigger my desire to create, such as watching a series and films, reading books, watching or going to workshops from other musicians and producers etc.


You play the guitar and keyboard plus you sing and write songs. Can you tell us what you enjoy the most?

I think each instrument expresses itself in a different way and they’re all important for my musical work. The two instruments I feel most comfortable with, and which are the "bases" of almost all of my songs, are the guitar and my vocals/singing. Writing songs is undoubtedly what I enjoy the most because when we create something, it is perhaps one of the greatest pleasures we can have, even if for other people it doesn't mean much, for the creator it is transcendent experience.


Three years ago, you were part of The Voice Portugal. What did you learn from that experience and how do you think it reflected in your career? 

The Voice Portugal didn't open many doors for me, actually. All the work that came after that experience came from me. Some people started following my work from that time on, and fortunately, I managed to keep some contacts that were very useful.

I think what stands out is the original song I did with Caroletta, who sang with me in the “battles” phase of The Voice Portugal, and which today remains an important single in my career and live shows.


How do you prepare for the show? Do you have a ritual you never skip? 

Before a show I have a few rituals. I try not to eat too much (enough to last 2 hours of singing) and I on stage I always try not to move too much, because when you try to give more than you really can, you tend to look like you're bigger than you really are, and I like to keep things simple but effective. As people say, less is more.


What gear do you use?

It depends on the type of content I'm making. In general, I always have my AT2020 Audio-Technica microphone that accompanies me everywhere. It's a great microphone for quick content, and one I always use, whether it's for mock-ups or final arrangements.

I usually use my Roland Rubix 44 interface, my M-Audio Code-49 midi controller, and Yamaha HS7 speakers to mix. It's not the best gear in the world, but at this stage, it's enough for the jobs I've had lately.

AT2020 Microphone

AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone


What would you advise young musicians that are at the very start of their careers?

To not give up. Regardless of the country you are based in, it is not an easy industry. You have to work hard and always be willing to learn and improve in many aspects. If it's really what you want for your life, invest all your efforts in it. When you are fighting for something you really want, it's always worth it.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Any hobbies outside of music? 

Yes, I am a Marvel fan! So I love reading comics, watching Marvel movies, and series, but also other genres. I love mystery films and series, I like to read books about philosophy, psychology, science, etc. I like to acquire knowledge that inspires me, whatever it is, and wherever it comes from.

Sometimes it's also nice to just drive around the city and do nothing, because that's when the best ideas come to life - when you're abstracted from everyday problems, and you're not thinking about anything. It's almost a form of meditation.

We'd love to know more about what are you working on at the moment. Are there any upcoming activities and projects you can share with us?

There are a few projects I'm working on lately. I'm turning my original project into a band, which will give me other opportunities, in terms of live shows, etc. Also, I'm working on two new singles that will be released later this year, and some other songs for other people. It is not easy to manage everything, but when it is done with pleasure, everything becomes easier!