In our #FanPhotoFriday series, we share the top photos featuring our gear that were recently shared on social media by you, our fans! It’s no secret Taylor Swift has been staying at the top of the charts, selling out arenas, and building a dedicated fandom for some time now. In honor of her latest record release, The Tortured Poets Department, we’re sharing our favorite T.S. fan photos. Check them out below!



In our1989 era thanks to @sandy_vinyl! Loving the photos and A-T turntable combo.


We’re going to Speak Now and let you know we love this turntable and vinyl pair. Thanks for sharing, @andydrewme!


This photo is making us feel anything but blue. Thank you Instagram user, @amooona2010_ for sharing! 


Midnights + Audio-Technica is the combo we never knew we needed. Thanks for sharing @hopeonthecoast


We’ll remember this T.S. album and A-T turntable duo, ‘all too well’! Thank you, @ohhjennn for sharing!


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