Wireless microphone technology has revolutionized how we capture and transmit audio in the commercial audiovisual (AV) industry. Advancements like better frequency coordination, improved interference resistance, extended battery life, and enhanced audio quality allow for more reliable, flexible, and unique conference room experiences.

Read about why the potential for enhancing audio performance is so exciting and necessary for today’s commercial spaces. And learn how to take advantage of these technologies.


Meeting the Demands of Modern AV Environments

Users want wireless solutions, but wireless microphones have evolved beyond that basic requirement. The best solutions are wireless and now simplify complex installations, easily integrate with other AV systems, and automatically work outside of the UHF broadcast band, without the need to manually determine frequencies.

Today’s users also prioritize ease and agility, so top-of-the-line microphones require only minimal interaction. The best commercial wireless microphones will charge, turn on, find a frequency, and turn off all on their own.

All of these features pave the way for more reliable, durable, and versatile audio solutions. They also open the doors to enhanced audio performance and virtually limitless flexibility in a variety of applications, including meetings, presentations, productions, and more.


Empowering Audio Professionals

The new generation of wireless microphones not only improve audio environments and end user experiences, but make work easier for audio professionals. Today’s advanced technologies simplify design, installation, setup, and operation.

The simplicity, in turn, enables increased flexibility and mobility in a variety of applications and spaces, including large-scale installations. Designers and technology specialists are able to build more creative spaces and support a greater range of uses for those spaces.


Creating a Simple, Smart, and Scalable Wireless System

Audio-Technica’s Engineered Sound® Wireless (ES Wireless) System encompasses the best of today’s technologies. It is a DECT solution that provides high-quality audio and is scalable up to 96 simultaneous usable channels. The higher channel counts, best-in-class battery life, improved interference resistance, and automatic DECT-based frequency management mean it’s flexible and easy to use.

Audio-Technica | Engineered Sound Wireless System

PoE-supported receivers and Dante audio output capabilities simplify installation. The ES Wireless System seamlessly integrates with other AV products so integrators can focus on delivering an exceptional sound experience without worrying about complex configurations. Any combination of up to 8 handheld, body-pack, boundary, or desk stand transmitters can be used simultaneously with a single ESW-R4180DAN receiver.

For end users, ES Wireless is easy to operate. Our engineers always aim to simplify work and solve problems for everyone from end users and integrators to technology managers and executives.

Audio-Technica | Engineered Sound Wireless System

Audio-Technica | Engineered Sound Wireless System


Renowned for creating audio solutions that are accessible to everyone, Audio-Technica has channeled that engineering quality and philosophy into our commercial products. We developed the ES Wireless through innovative engineering and rigorous quality control processes that result in award-winning reliability and exceptional audio performance in commercial AV environments.

To hear what our advanced wireless microphone technology sounds like in person, try out the ES Wireless System live at InfoComm, Booth 3554.