Our fans and brand advocates are a driving force in everything we do. A-T wanted to create an engaging way of traditional community outreach and sponsorship programs that allowed for a personalized experience, two-way communication, and a way for A-T to reward and provide much deserved recognition to fans and creators who are true brand advocates. As such, the Creator Community was introduced in 2022 and we couldn’t be more proud to share our Creators with you. Keep reading to meet our Creators of the Month.


MsPinky313 MsPinky313 Creator of the Month

MsPinky313, is a dynamic creator of game streams like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Minecraft. MsPinky313 and her community, the Pink Squad, are working to increase exposure for Black women in the gaming industry and is a part of Facebook’s Black Gaming Content Creator Program and Noir, a network for Black women creators.

“One of the main reasons I’m in the industry is because I want to be heard,” MsPinky313 says. “Audio-Technica has those products, and my AT2020USB-X mic allows that to happen!”

To learn more about MsPinky313 and her upcoming projects, check out the full interview here.


James Hill

James Hill Creator of the Month

James Hill is a sound engineer and tour manager, working with bands like While She Sleeps, McFly, and more. In addition, he runs the Rattlin’ Bones Club, which aims to provide tips and tricks to inspire those looking to pursue a career in live sound and touring.

As far as audio equipment, James says, “A mic that made a big difference for me was the AE6100. When I first swiped my vocals over to this microphone it was instantly clear that this was the correct choice. I now had clarity and durability in my setup, and I haven’t looked back since.” 

Learn more to follow James’ channels, and keep up with his latest projects, here.


Ryan Betson

Ryan Betson Creator of the Month

Ryan, podcast co-host and editor of The PopCulturists and Head of Production at Wrestling Promotions, started his content creation journey at his kitchen table with nothing but a laptop, small USB mixing board, and four microphones. From there, he moved into community radio, helping to run the Visions Australia's youth centered program, Act Your Age, then created The PopCulturists at 94.7 The Pulse. 

Now, The PopCulturists focuses on different niches, like the For the Players segment, focusing on the gaming industry and has over 280 episodes.

 “Everyone underestimates how essential audio quality is!” Ryan says. “This is why I chose the AT2020. Aside from the affordable entry price, which saved me when this all started, it also delivers as close to neutral frequencies allowing for straightforward, natural recording.” 

To listen to Ryan’s podcast and to learn more about his start in audio production, check out the full interview, here.


The Trinket Sorceress

The Trinket Sorceress Creator of the Month

Katie is a creator of magical headphone accessories, from intricate designs like horns, ears, antennas, flowers and so much more. Her designs allow creators, gamers, music lovers, and more to add a personalized touch to their gear.

When Katie wasn't working, she was gaming, which led to her learning a 3D software to make her headphones, like the ATH-M20x Professional Monitor Headphones, more customizable. Using her love of gaming as inspiration, specifically World of Warcraft, Katie’s designs are a huge hit for every level of creator.

To learn more about Katie, her shop and designs, read her full interview, here.


Esszz Creator of the Month

Since 2016, Esszz has been streaming and entertaining people. With many years of competing and endless stream hours, Esszz has had many outstanding accomplishments, like her charity event for diabetes research. Although, her biggest and proudest accomplishment is what her and her community have been building together. As for her streaming gear, Esszz says, “The sound is amazing!” of her ATH-M50x headphones.

Check out what’s next for Esszz, updates on her streams and clothing line, in the full interview.


Shaun Sunday

Shaun Sunday Creator of the Month

Shaun is a podcast host for his podcast, ‘No Capes!” and avid Twitch streamer where he writes and illustrates comics live. His streams are a combination of detailed overlays and great sound that match a comic book style, with big, bold captions. As for hardware, Shaun uses the AT2040 Hypercardioid Dynamic Podcast Microphone and the ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones.

To learn more about Shaun, his podcast, and what’s next for him, read the full interview here.



Gingersnaps Creator of the Month

Gingersnaps67’s streams, podcasts, and videos provide a mix of eclectic content, ranging from Minecraft and horror games to editing photos and raising money for charity, but also supporting and raising awareness for those who suffer from mental health issues. With a variety of content, Gingersnaps67 says, “I want my viewers to have a safe place for them to be themselves and support each other.”

When it comes to her content, Gingersnaps67 understands the importance of excellent audio quality, saying, “Having good audio for an audio podcast is super important. I was recommended the AT2020 by someone in the music world. I now own two and use them almost exclusively for all of my content. I love how the mic sounds without audio processing and it only sounds better the more I work with it.”

To learn more about Gingersnaps67’s content and streams, check out her full interview.


Isaac Pimenta

Isaac Pimenta Creator of the Month

Portugal native, Isaac enjoys creating music and connecting with his community. Isaac’s love for music happened by accident, but resulted in a degree in Musicology, released 10 original songs, and was on The Voice Portugal. Isaac’s go-to microphone is the AT2020, “It's a great microphone for quick content, and one I always use, whether it's for mock-ups or final arrangements.”

Check out what Isaac is up to now and future projects in his full interview, here.


Gemma Stack

Gemma Stack Creator of the MonthGemma, Twitch streamer and sound editor, keeps her community entertained with inside jokes to editing Disney+ Original Series. Outside her content, Gemma has had success as a sound engineer, working on projects like the TV mini-series, The Clearing. 

With experience with various audio equipment, Gemma says, “The first thing I bring everywhere is Monitor headphones! They're a core resource and a definite must in any kit! No matter if I'm home, in the studio, or on set. I want to make sure I have a clear balance of sound with no bias. I have the ATH-M20x as my streaming pair at home and the ATH-M60x in the studio.”

Check out Gemma’s full interview to learn more about her sound engineering experience and content. 


Vinyl By Mars

Vinyl By Mars Creator of the Month

Vinyl By Mars creator, Alex, uses his popular TikTok page to share his love of music and vinyl collecting, focusing on artists like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and more. His reviews website offers a deeper dive into each artist's or musician’s work, like critical analysis of albums and songs. In 2021, Alex received his first turntable, the AT-LP120XBT-USB and started combining his love for music and content creation – birthing vinylbymars. 

Learn more about Alex and his TikTok channel in his full interview, here.


Dami Ayeni

Dami Ayeni Creator of the Month


Back in 2021, Dami began her DJing journey, drawing inspiration from her Nigerian background. Since then, she’s immersed herself in crafting mixes that tell stories, drawing from diverse sounds to evoke emotions for both herself and her audience.

 “My journey into DJing kicked off with the Audio-Technica ATH-M20X monitor headphones—the first pair I snagged when I was just starting out. I remember walking into the store and asking for ‘something good on a budget’. These babies turned out to be not just affordable but also incredibly durable—I'm still rocking them to this day.”


The Lyrical

The Lyrical Creator of the Month

Karl Smith’s content creation journey and inspiration drew from falling in love with music and his early life growing up in the Soloman Islands. Eventually, Karl merged his two passions, music and gaming, starting the Game Train podcast with his co-host Callan, and focusing on Twitch, where he hosts gaming, musical, and art-focused streams. 

The AT2020USB+ was the catalyst for Karl’s love for Audio-Technica, saying, “The AT2020USB+ kickstarted my love for Audio-Technica, mostly due to its versatility, ease-of-use and high-quality sound!”

Check out The Lyrical’s social channels to follow along on his journey:

●      Twitch

●      YouTube



Michaeleok Creator of the Month

Although Michael’s journey started by creating and sharing art dedicated content, his community soon realized that his voice was his greatest gift. Whether it’s singing, voice overs, or simply reading requests from fans, Michael’s voice has become instantly recognizable.

Michael also shares tutorials, tips, and tricks with his community, focusing on ways to help those just getting started on their own creative journey. With that, Michael’s go-to piece of equipment are his headphones, like the ATH-M20x, whether he’s making a video, mixing vocals, or just listening to music. 

To see Michael’s full equipment line-up and to learn more about his journey, read his full interview on our blog.


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