There’s a reason you see so many wireless gooseneck microphones in today’s presentation and meeting rooms–they’re a great fit for those spaces and offer several advantages over traditional wired microphones. Here’s more information about why these microphones are so popular and when and how to take advantage of the technology.

Why choose wireless gooseneck microphones

There are advantages to using wireless gooseneck microphones that you don’t get with other types of microphones. These include:

  • Freedom of movement. Wireless gooseneck microphones allow speakers to move around freely without being tethered to a cord. This freedom can be especially useful during active meetings like group presentations and lectures.
  • Reduced setup time. Wireless gooseneck microphones are easy to set up and use. Place the microphone where the presenter will be speaking, then connect it to the receiver. The mics don’t require cables, meaning you don’t waste time and energy running and managing them.
  • Clear, professional sound. Professional wireless gooseneck microphones offer high-quality sound designed for presentations and meetings. The microphones are designed to reject background noise, so voices are always clear and easy to understand.
  • Flexibility. Users can position the flexible necks of these microphones in a variety of ways to capture the speaker's voice from the most effective angle. This ability is useful in rooms with poor acoustics or presentations with more than one person speaking.

The Audio-Technica Wireless Gooseneck Solution

Audio-Technica’s ES Wireless, ES925 Gooseneck + Element + ESW-T4107 Desktop Transmitter provide a complete solution for meeting and presentation spaces.  
The series offers numerous desk stand configurations with lower profiles and even interchangeable elements. The ES925 Gooseneck Mic is available in 6", 12", 15", 18", 21", and 24" lengths. There are also three types of element options for different polar patterns: cardioid, hypercardioid, and MicroLine.  

Gooseneck microphones in numerous sizes
Using wireless gooseneck microphones effectively

Choose the right microphone 
Gooseneck microphones come in numerous sizes. Select the length based on what the distance from the speaker will be. The elements will determine pickup angles.  
Position the microphone correctly 
The microphone should be about 6 to 12 inches from the speaker's mouth. If a user is too far way from the microphone, their volume may be too low. You can also install windscreens to reduce breath blasts.  
Adjust the volume 
Set the volume of the microphone at a level where the speaker's voice is clear and easy to understand. If it’s set too low, others can’t hear the speaker. Setting it too high can cause sound distortion. 
Use the mute switch  
It’s important to mute the mic of any professional wireless microphone system when no one is talking into it. This prevents background noises from being amplified and distracting the meeting. 
Wireless gooseneck microphones can provide valuable clarity and flexibility in your collaboration and presentation spaces. However, not all gooseneck microphones are of equal quality. A good solution will be rugged enough to last a long time even with frequent handling. It’s important to choose the right high-quality solution for your spaces.  
To learn more about Audio-Technica’s professional wireless microphone solutions, reach out to us.