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Enjoy music, movies, games, and more with truly wireless audio. Designed for all multimedia needs, the ATH-SQ1TW colorful earbuds are easy to use, comfortable, and convenient. From the flexible dual or single earbud usability, to the hear-through functionality, the ATH-SQ1TW true wireless earbuds are not only stylish, but suitable for every lifestyle.

The ATH-SQ1TW earbuds are compatible with Bluetooth® 5.0 technology, delivering high- quality audio in a compact, lightweight design. As one of the most comfortable earbuds for small ears, the sleek design is easy on various ear shapes. The compact body is unobtrusive while also preventing the TWS earbuds from coming loose or falling out.

For quick usability, the earbuds automatically power on when removed from the included charging case. In one touch, users can Fast Pair for user-friendly connection with Android devices. Touch sensor controls on both sides respond to user commands, such as playing or pausing music, skipping between tracks, answering hands-free calls, and adjusting the volume without having to use a smartphone.

Equipped with exclusive 5.8 mm drivers, users can easily receive clear and powerful sound from any source, and experience minimal sound delay with these low latency wireless earbuds. The ATH-SQ1TW offers up to approximately 6.5 hours of continuous use on a full charge, or 19.5 hours with both the earbuds and charging case fully charged. Charging for just approximately 15 minutes provides about 60 minutes of continuous playback.

With the hear-through function, the built-in microphone captures ambient sounds to ensure users remain aware of their surroundings, even while listening to music or making calls.

The ATH-SQ1TW wireless earbuds have feature a splashproof design, protecting the earbuds from dripping water, such as rain and sweat. Not only are the ATH-SQ1TW earbuds compatible with the latest Bluetooth® 5.0 technology, but they also feature a multipairing function (for registering multiple devices) and voice guidance functionality.

Choose from a range of colored wireless earbuds, from classic shades to unique combinations. Available in licorice/black (ATH-SQ1TWBK), popcorn white (ATH-SQ1TWWH), blueberry (ATH-SQ1TWBL), caramel (ATH-SQ1TWMU), popsicle red/navy (ATH-SQ1TWNRD), and cupcake pink/ brown (ATH-SQ1TWPBW).

Included Accessories: The ATH-SQ1TW comes with a charging case, charging cable, and four pairs of eartips for earbuds.


ATH-SQ1TW Truly Wireless Earbuds


  • Superior audio from an exclusive 5.8 mm driver in a small square design

  • 6.5 hours of continuous playback with up to 19.5 hours* of extended use

  • Touch sensor control allow users to play or pause music, skip between tracks, answer calls, and adjust the volume

  • Enjoy minimal sound delay while watching videos or playing games with low latency mode

  • Hear-through function that lets in ambient sounds

  • Supports Fast Pair for convenient connection with Android devices

  • Flexible dual or single-ear usability

  • Automatic power-on when removed from the case

  • Rain and Water Splashproof Design (IPX4**-equivalent)

  • Six color variations available, from classic shades to unique combinations


** IPX4 equivalent means that there is no harmful effect even if water is splashed from all directions. It cannot be used in hot and humid places such as baths. It is not completely waterproof.


Típus Dynamic
Meghajtó átmérő 5.8 mm
Frekvencia átvitel 20 - 20,000 Hz
Érzékenység 100 dB/mW
Impedancia 16 ohms
Elem Headphones: DC 3.7V lithium-ion battery; Charging case: DC 3.7V lithium-ion battery
Üzemidő Headphones: Max. approx. 6.5 hours*; Charging case: Max approx. 13.5 hours*
Tömeg Headphones: Approx. 5.2 g (0.18 oz) (L), approx. 5.2 g (0.18 oz) (R); Charging case: Approx. 34.2g (1.2 oz)
Töltési idő Headphones: Approx. 1.5 hours*; Charging case: Approx. 2 hours*
Működési hőmérséklet tartomány 5°C to 40°C (41° F to 104°F)
Mikrofon típus MEMS
Mikrofon érzékenység −38 dB (1V/Pa, at 1 kHz)
Mikrofon frekvencia átvitel 100-10,000 Hz
Mikrofon iránykarakterisztika Omnidirectional
Mellékelt tartozékok 30 cm (12”) USB-A/USB-C charging cable, eartips (XS, S, M, L)
Notes *depending on operating conditions
Bluetooth® verzió Bluetooth version 5.0
Hatótávolság Line of sight - approx. 10 m (33')
Max. HF kimenőteljesítmény 10 mW EIRP
Frekvenciasáv 2.402 GHz to 2.480 GHz
Modulációs Eljárás FHSS
Kompatibilis Bluetooth Profil A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Támogatott Kódekek SBC
Támogatott Másolásvédelmi Eljárás SCMS-T
Átviteli Tartomány 20-20,000 Hz



ATH-SQ1TW User Manual