Product Safety Notice – Recall of the Charging Case for ATH-CK3TW

We are sorry to inform you that a fault has been reported that relates to the product safety of the charging case for the ATH-CK3TW. We take any such report very seriously. In response, we have made the decision to recall the Charging Case for the ATH-CK3TW from the market immediately. See the Health Canada release pdf here.

The fault relates to a thermal runaway issue. It has been reported that the charging case can heat up to the point of melting, causing smoke to be produced and the case could then be at risk of igniting.

While there have been no reported incidents within North America or anywhere outside of Japan, we want to proactively prevent any further malfunctions. The safety and wellbeing of all of our customers is our fundamental priority.

IMPORTANT - If you own the ATH-CK3TW and would like to check if your charging unit is affected, please follow the below steps:

ATH-CK3TW Lot Number

  1. Check the lot number printed on a sticker inside the lid of the charging case. If the number on this sticker ends in “B”, your charging case does NOT need to be recalled.
  2. If you have a lot number sticker that does not end with the letter “B”, the charging case will need to be returned to us and replaced. See step 4.
  3. If there is not a lot number sticker on your charging case, the charging case will need to be returned to us and replaced. See step 4.
  4. Replacing the charging case will be a simple and free process for you. Please fill in the form below to register for the Charging Case replacement program, where you can set up a no-cost return of your affected charging case and receive a free replacement.


Should I stop using my CK3TW even if I have not experienced any problems?

Yes. Although the actual CK3TW earbuds pose no risk, you should stop using the charge case with immediate effect – even if no problems have been experienced to date with it. Once Audio-Technica sends you a free replacement charging case, you may continue to use and charge your complete product as before, without risk.

Does my charging case now pose a spontaneous fire risk and is it dangerous?

Yes.  The charging case poses a fire risk when connected to power via the USB cable and whilst containing the earbuds inside the charging case. To stay safe, please do not place the charging case onto charge and remove your earbuds from the charging case.

The lot number on my sticker has faded / been damaged, if it operates as expected can I assume that it had a lot number ending in a “B” and I do not need to return?

No. If you either do not have the lot number sticker present or cannot read the lot number anymore, please err on the side of caution and arrange for the return and replacement of your charging case as advised.

Will I need to send back my CK3TW earbuds as well as the charging case?

No. You do not need to send back or replace the CK3TW earbuds. Only the charging case is affected by the fault. Please keep the earbuds in a safe place until you receive the replacement charging case.

Will the replacement charging case be compatible with my CK3TW earbuds no matter how long ago I purchased them?

Yes. The replacement charging case will work with all CK3TW models.

I purchased my CK3TW from a retailer, do I need to return it to them to get my replacement case?

No. If you are based anywhere within the United States or Canada, we can replace your charging case directly and completely free of charge.

Can I keep my CK3TW charging case as a spare if it has not experienced these issues?

No. We will require the return of the affected charging cases in order to issue your replacement. We are recalling the ATH-CK3TW charging cases as an important safety measure. We want to ensure there is no risk to you when using any of our products.

Which colors of the CK3TW are affected?

All colors are affected by this fault. The exact model numbers are:





Register for the Charging Case Replacement Program